The Merchant of Death

By Adam Sweet

The Beginning of the War to Save Halla

"Through this doorway an epic adventure begins...". The Merchant of Death by D.J. MacHale is an action packed sci-fi story that I recommend to anyone looking for a fantastic book to read. In this amazing adventure a 14 year old boy named Bobby Pendragon is sucked into saving "Halla", or everything, by his Uncle Press. His epic journey begins when Uncle Press interrupts Bobby and Courtney, the most popular girl in school, while they are kissing before a basketball game. Uncle Press is not himself and demands that Bobby come with him right away. Bobby, confused and a little scared, follows his uncle to his motorcycle. After a while Bobby and Uncle Press end up in an abandoned subway station. This is where they meet an evil man named Saint Dane and a scared homeless man. Press talks to Saint Dane like he is his enemy and his tone makes Bobby question whether or not he should still follow his uncle. In an instant, Saint Dane starts spraying bullets out of his pistol at Bobby and Press. Press yells to Bobby to go on the subway tracks, find a door with a star on it, go in the door, and say “Denduron”. Bobby does what his uncle says but then gets chased by wild dogs called Quigs that are guarding the door (also called the Flume). Bobby escapes into the room and yells “Denduron”. A rock shaft glows clear and bright and Bobby finds himself flying through a bright tunnel. He ends up in a cave where he meets Uncle Press. This cave is in Denduron where there are two tribes that are about to have a war caused by Saint Dane. Saint Dane’s plan is to destroy the first Building block (or world) of Halla. Bobby and the other Travelers travel through space and time to stop Saint Dane from his evil plan. Bobby and his tiny Army are able to save Denduron but will they be able to do the same for the rest of Halla? Only reading the sequels will tell!

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