Academy of the Arts at Bransom

May 14-18, 2018 (School Days 163-167)

A Note From Your Principal

Wow, what an amazing week we had this last week. I heard so many teachers brag on how they were "treat"ed by students and parents alike during Teacher Appreciation Week. Thanks for making them feel special.

Last week we celebrated more of the arts through a demonstration of drumming. David Cox and Rhythm Pathways taught our Bobcats about the African Djembe drum. What a real treat for the students and adults alike. Thanks, Mrs Applegate, for your coordination of our visiting artist.

As this week begins, we have to remind everyone that our campus will be closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to help facilitate an error free and secure environment during the STAAR assessments that will be taking place.

You may think that we have nothing planned except STAAR next week. Actually, there is nothing further from the truth. Check out the calendar below and remember to take your vitamins. Busy, busy, busy! There is a BISD School Board meeting, kinder graduation, PTO Fresco's Night, field trip to Splash Station, field trip to see a "Kids Who Care" performance, an awards assembly, Pastries with Parents, Bluebonnet Field Trip and a Citywide celebration of kids with great character. I'm tired just thinking about what's to come. Of course, all children will not be participating in all events but you want to be prepared for the ones they are.

In closing, I must tell you that I send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who is willing to support the educators at the Academy of the Arts at Bransom.

Our teachers work extremely hard everyday.

They plan great lessons.

They teach all day.

They intervene for students who need additional help.

They provide enrichment and extensions for those who need additional challenge.

Many come early.

Many stay late.

Why do they do these things? I believe it is because they love YOUR children.

Wow, are we fortunate!

Thank you for acknowledging your gratitude last week

and in the few days left of the year.

With a grateful heart,

Mrs. Burchfield

Teacher Appreciation Week was Amazing!

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the week. There's no way to say all the thank yous to the individual gift-givers throughout the week. However, below you can see some pics of the treats parents gave to the teachers as a whole. There were so many generous tokens of appreciation for everyone. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
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There will be Breakfast for Testers on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and

No Visitors on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Remember to help your child get a great night sleep each night starting Sunday night. (Whether your child is testing or not, this is a great idea.)

Check out healthy choices for supper AND eat with your child. The supper table to the best place to get caught up at the end of the day.

If you send a snack to school, make it a healthy snack.

Keep your child hydrated. Encourage lots of water drinking.

Using encouraging words when you talk about taking the STAAR.

As always, read with your child...everyday!

Could not be more proud...

This group of students of ready to ROCK the STAAR next week. They have worked so hard and their teachers have worked so hard to prepare for their assessments. Many will measure our success by their performance. We measure our success by so much more - OUR CHARACTER,




STAAR is our stage next week. We will show them how it's done!

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers this weekend and beyond.

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Summer Reading Program

Mrs. Cech our wonderful librarian is always excited about SUMMER READING.

She wants you to be excited about SUMMER READING as well.

She has worked a plan to help everyone participate

and enjoy the rewards as well.

Let's Learn More!

Summer Reading Program Introductory Letter

Primary Recording Sheet

Additional Recording Sheet

2018 Texas 2X2 Reading List

Bluebonnet Award List

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Parents Remember...and Consider a few things

  • No Cell Phones in the School Zone which includes the Pick Up and Drop Off lines. We're thinking about your child and everyone else's.
  • No dropping off in the morning from the back parking lot. Park and walk your child to the sidewalk. Safety first. Thanks!
  • The Lost and Found is overflowing. Everything is going to be donated to an off site location so come quickly. We are planning to take clothes items to Harvest House on Friday, May 18.
  • Even in the last few days of school, the Dress Code will still be enforced. When there is an out of uniform day, keep modesty in mind.
  • On the last day of school, Friday, May 25, students may be out of uniform if the bring at least one clean and gently used part of a uniform - shirt, pants, skort, jumper - that maybe doesn't really fit anymore. Of course, you can send as many pieces as you'd like as long as they are clean and GENTLY used, Thanks.
  • Random - When ordering Field Day shirts, we ended up with a youth small, light blue Bransom Tribe shirt. If you're interested, send $10 with your child to pick it up in the office.
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Congratulations, 4th Grade

Job Well Done, 4th Grade Families. Your attendance for the week was 98.70%. This is awesome! I can tell that you all are taking school attendance very seriously. Thank you so much because, EVERY SCHOOL DAY COUNTS!

I would like to give a shout out to our 5th grade families as well with an attendance rate of 98.18%. Super job!

Our overall campus rate this past week was 96.88% which is good. Thanks, everyone!

did you hear about the slime man?

Mr. Mason got SLIMED on Friday!

On Friday, our student body rolled out to the circle in the back of the building and witnessed an amazing sliming! Because they had raised $1000 (more than $1200 actually) in the Relay for Life campaign, Mr. Mason agreed to be slimed. The students were selected randomly to do the deed. Enjoy the pics below!

As you can see the WONDERFUL BRANSOM RELAY FOR LIFE TEAM got in on the action as well. We do appreciate all they have done this year for the cause.

I appreciate the efforts of the entire student body to raise this money for the American Cancer Society. All the pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar bills, and checks brings us closer to a cure. We also appreciate MR. MASON. He ROCKS!

PTO says: Don't forget!

School Supplies can be purchased today for next fall. What a deal! You can avoid they rush and frustration.

Join the PTO on Friday for "Pastries for Parents." Don't forget to RSVP!

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This Week:

Monday: 3rd & 4th Grade Math STAAR; 5th Grade Math Retake; School Board Meeting

Tuesday: 3rd & 4th Grade Reading STAAR; 5th Grade Reading Retake; PTO Fresco's Spirit Night; Kindergarten Graduation at CHS at 6:00

Wednesday: 5th Grade Science STAAR

Thursday: 5th Grade Splash Station

Friday: 2nd Grade "Kids Who Care - Earth and Soul" Field Trip 9:00-2:00; Bluebonnet Reward Field Trip 10:00-1:30; 3rd Grade Awards @ 2:00

Saturday: Citywide Character March at 9:00AM followed by City on a Hill Festivities

Upcoming Calendar:

May 21: Senior Walk; 4th Grade Awards @ 1:00

May 22: Math Bee Competition @8:30; 2nd Grade Awards @ 2:00PM
May 23: Bobcat Pride Breakfast; 1st Grade Awards @ 8:15 AM; 5th Grade Awards at CHS; 5th Grade Dance at AAB

May 24: Bransom Field Day for Kinder-3rd Grade

May 25: End of 6th -Weeks Grading Period; Last Day of School: Early Dismissal (11:45)

May 28: Memorial Day

May 29: Teacher Workday; BHS Graduation

May 30: CHS Graduation

May 31: Crossroads Graduation

June 11: School Board Meeting

June 21: 1st Day of Summer
June 26: 5th Grade Math STAAR Retake (if necessary)

June 27: 5th Grade Reading STAAR Retake (if necessary)

Remember to stay in contact with your child's teacher for grade level/class events.

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The Academy of the Arts at Bransom - Our STAAR Stars are worth every celebration they receive for a job well done!