5th Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Cook - Language Arts & Social Studies

We are continuing our Social Studies project on the 13 Colonies. Please have your child bring their device from home to use at school if allowed by you. We will also be identifying author's purpose in fiction texts.

Also, don't forget about Holiday Spending Project for Math & Social Studies.. Due: Wednesday, December 16th.

No WTW until after Christmas Break.

Scholastic Book Order: Your student may bring home Scholastic Orders from time to time. If you would like to purchase, the easiest way is by going online to: www.scholastic.com/bookclubs and using our class code: MCQ9Z

If online ordering doesn't suit you, you may choose to send a check (made payable to Scholastic). This helps us to earn FREE books for our classroom! :) I will submit the orders at the end of each month. Our next order will be submitted at the end of January.

Ms. Price - Math

  • Express and interpret remainders for a variety of problem types
  • Use remainders to express division answers as mixed numbers or decimals
  • Understand and apply divisibility rules for 3, 6, 9
  • Find the mean, median, mode, and range for a set of data
  • Solve statistic problems involving whole numbers and decimals
  • Graph data and analyze how a graph changes when the data changes

Accelerated math is homework every night!

Also, don't forget about Holiday Spending Project for Math & Social Studies.. Due: Wednesday, December 16th.

Mrs. Young - Science

We are finishing up with our lesson on Mass and Weight. Students have learned they are not the same but connected. They will be creating advertisements/slogans to explain this. The advertisements will be counted as a quiz. We will also complete and review our essential questions and vocabulary.

Info for Parents & Students

  • Please be sure to sign your child's planner each night in PEN with your FULL name (no initials). Students need to be proactive by bringing their planner to you with all of their homework listed.
  • Each Friday there will be a conduct grade written into your child's planner. This conduct grade takes into consideration behavior, talking, work ethic (classwork & homework), and how well the 7 Habits have been followed each week.


This year we as a school will be doing a Holiday project called Helping Hands. This project helps out specific families and children within our school. We are asking that you send in items for the following genders and ages. Some examples of gifts could be movies, games, personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair ties, etc. Each grade level is responsible for 5-6 children. All items are due to your child’s homeroom teacher by December 11. Please indicate on the unwrapped package which age and gender the gift is for. Please see below for the ages and genders of the children that you will be helping.

Girl, 4th Grade

Girl, 6th Grade

Boy, 2nd Grade

Boy, 1th Grade

Boy, 2nd Grade

Donations Needed

We are starting to get into the time of year when everyone is sick and needs tissues and hand sanitizer. We are in need of more tissue boxes for our 3 classrooms as well as hand sanitizer. Any donations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)


In preparation of our 5th grade holiday breakfast on December 18th, we will need your help. Please send in $5.00 with your child by Wednesday, December 16th. Each child will get a biscuit choice, a bo berry biscuit, orange juice, milk, or water. Any leftover monies will go towards our end of the year celebration. If you choose to write out a check for the amount, please make the checks payable to Blackburn Elementary.

We would also like to provide each student with a treat bag to send home. A sign-up genius will be available for each homeroom so you may sign up for what you would like to send in. It will also allow for parents to sign up to help the morning of the 18th and to fill treat bags.

Students will also need to bring a bag lunch and drink that day.

Cook Homeroom Sign Up: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d4caaa82ca7ff2-holiday

Price Homeroom Sign Up: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d4caaa82ca7ff2-holiday3

Young Homeroom Sign Up: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0d4caaa82ca7ff2-holiday4

PDQ Spirit Night

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 5-9pm

2060 U.S. 70

Hickory, NC

Field Trip - Mary Poppins Play

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 11:30am

Bring lunch from home to eat in classroom this day.

6th Grade Play

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 8am

Teacher Workday

Monday, Dec. 21st, 7:30am

Winter Break

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd, 7:30am to Friday, Jan. 1st 2016 at 2:30pm