The Pay Gap

More money for people

Women's pay gap

My topic is the pay gap between men and women. The biggest pay gap is between men and women. Men get paid a lot more than women do. Did you know that for every dollar a man makes a woman only gets 77 to 78 cents of a dollar ("Pay equity & discrimination"). Even though women work just as hard as men and sometimes work even harder then men and yet they still get paid less because they are women. So if a man made about 45,000 dollars a year a woman would make 34,650 (45,000 x 77%= 34,650). There is a big differences in numbers there. There is a lot of suggestions of why the pay gap exists here is a suggestions found, women chose to care for their children instead of working ("Why is there a wage gap"). You think the pay gap is bad for white women, well it's even worse for Africa-American women and Hispanic women. Africa-American women one get paid 61% of what a man makes and Hispanic women only make 57% of what a man makes. So in conclusion women make less than a man its not for any particular reason it's just because there not a man or white.

My opinion

I think the pay gap is a terrible thing because women are people too. The only reason they are getting payed less is because they are women and nothing else. They're not getting pay less for doing a bad job, nope just for being a woman. The government needs to do something about this pay gap and fast. If they don't how is a single mom supposed to care for her children with the money she is making. I just don't understand how this works, so if your a women you get paid less ok not cool.