Industry in the 1800's

By: Jennifer lopez


In the 19th century transportation inproved very quickly. Steamboats and railroads had a positive effect on the America economy. The North United State was allowed to sell in new areas in the country. Also steamboats were use to carry people and goods across the Atlantic. Steamboats were used for water traveling and railroads were used for water traveling.

Developments in Manufacturing and Industry

America Industry was created in the middle of the 1800's. They created factories and they produced items to be shipped and sold elsewhere. The important breakthrough took place in how textiles were made. Then technological improvements sped up the process and merchants began to build large textiles mills, or factories near rivers and steams.

Working Conditions in the Factories

The working conditions in the factories were hard for some people. It was for some kids because some of them were not even over ten. They use to hired young unmarried women, they were named the Lowell girls. Also it was hard for them because they would worked from five o'clock in the morning until seven in the evening, with one hour each for breakfast and dinner.