1220 Newsletter

VW 5th Grade

February 2016

After completing our mid-year assessments, we are back to class lessons. We have many exciting activities coming this February. We will have two field trips. One to the Unconcert at Glendale High School, and one to the Music Center in Los Angeles. Ask your child about the dance we are learning. For more activity dates, see the Dates to Remember below.


The Bidding for Good Auction has begun. Check out the many exciting items up for auction. All proceeds benefit arts and technology at Verdugo Woodlands.

Don't forget to bid on the In 'n Out lunch with the fifth grade teachers.



Independent reading continues to be an important daily practice. Your fifth grader should be reading 30 minutes per night to help practice reading independently and to help achieve their AR goal. Having access to books is an important part of this homework. Your child can find great books in our classroom library, for free at the public library, and at the Verdugo Woodlands library.

Another great resource for reading books is the Scholastic book orders. This book order includes a free book offer. When you purchase $10 in books, you may choose a book for $5 or less for free.

I sent home a set of book orders. Please feel free to order from the paper book orders or use the website to order online. More titles are available online! Directions to order online are on the homework website. http://vw1220.blogspot.com All book orders, paper and online, are due February 18, 2016

Important Dates

February 2 Assembly

February 8 No School

February 11 Unconcert Field Trip

February 12 Jump Rope for Heart Association, 8:30 am

February 15 No School

February 19 Music Center Field Trip

March 1 Wilson 6th grade presentation to students

March 4 Survivor Challenge

Curriculum Update

Language Arts: We are continuing our poetry unit to practice the poetry standards. Ask your child about our class poetry project. After, we will begin working on nonfiction selections.

We are continuing to write explanatory essays this trimester. Our next essay will be about a favorite day.

We will have a spelling test soon. Please note that the Spelling Tests also include grammar standards that are also assessed. For example, the last spelling test included some commas related to our comma unit. This next test may include titles and quotes that we are covering in our current grammar unit.

After we will continue to work on Wordly Wise vocabulary units. Be aware that the tests in Wordly Wise incorporate the previous lessons words and become increasingly more difficult as the year progresses.

Math: We are working on Unit 3 which is adding/subtracting and more multiplying fractions.

Social Studies: The class is studying colonies. It is always a good idea to ask your child to show you their current Social Studies notes. Then ask them to explain what the notes tell them about the subject. It's a great way to review.

Science: The class is now studying about matter. Ask about science notes, too.

Grammar/Vocab/Tech: We finished our study of prefixes and suffixes. Next we will investigate how to properly use an apostrophe.

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