Principal's Update

December 2020

Dear Students & Families,

Happy Holiday's from HHS!

This time of year is always a grind. Winter Break is ahead of us, the newness of the year has worn off and it isn't 'fun'. This is where students need to show some grit and dedication to stay diligent in their studies. We know it is hard and being remote adds a layer of difficulty. But we enjoy a challenge and the staff will continue to work hard to keep kids learning.

This newsletter includes a lot of important information. We have a new Students of the Month program, information for the Class of 2021, activities update and information from our Counselors.

The last day of the semester is January 28th. Therefore, we are down to 5 weeks left! It's officially crunch time!

Go Hawks,

Mr. Schoonover

School Office Hours

Monday, Dec. 7th, 12pm

16819 Northeast 159th Street

Brush Prairie, WA

Due to a reduction in staffing, the HHS office will only be open from Noon to 4pm. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates.

We are still keeping social distancing protocols. Please call or email whenever possible. Our phone number is 360-448-6450.

New Students of the Month Program

Recently the HHS staff shared the characteristics they wanted to see out of Hockinson students. We used this input to create a new Students of the Month program to recognize students that show those characteristics. Those characteristics are:

  • Engaged - Students that take an active role in their education and are deeply engaged in the learning.
  • Empathetic - Students that show caring towards their classmates and school staff.
  • Endurance - Students that stick with difficult problems and show resilience when things don't go well.

Every month each department will choose a student based on these to recognize. Students will be given a certificate that includes a summary of why they were chosen and a Fairway Coffee gift card. These will be called EEE (Engaged, Empathy, Endurance) Students of the Month.

November E.E.E. Students of the Month

The students of the month for November are:

  • Arts = Abby White - "Throughout this school year, Abby White has stood out as a model musician, leader, and digital citizen. The level of maturity and attention to detail in the music she plays on her trombone is of the highest quality, and her willingness to help others be successful and feel like a part of the band family has been integral to many students finding success and a place of belonging in this digital environment. Abby's cheerful demeanor and dedication to the team, particularly as a member of the Student Band Council, has been noticed and appreciated by students and teachers alike."
  • CTE = Olivia Sexson - "Olivia currently has 100 % in my class, (She did not miss a single question on the safety tests nor has she missed an assignment). She also has shown extreme talent and creativity while coming into the shop and making her projects. Along with these great accomplishments she has become a shop assistant, helping produce project videos and as a mentor to the special education department when they have been in the wood shop."
  • English = Ashley Suva - "Ashley Suva is the perfect package of empathy, engagement, and endurance. She is the first to say hello or happy birthday to other students, she always has her camera on and shows engagement/participation in all activities, and endures by completing all assignments."
  • Health & PE = Adam Haunreiter - "Adam earned health and PE student of the month because of his positive attitude and consistent engagement during 2nd period health! Adam has his camera on every day, answers questions and treats everyone with kindness. He genuinely cares for others and me and he shows that in his interactions during whole group and breakout rooms! Great work, Adam! Thanks for all you do, we appreciate you!"
  • HVA = Kaylen Duncan - "Our student of the month is Kaylen Duncan. She is completed with one of her two semester long courses and is 70% through the YEAR in her year long courses. She is on track to finish out her sophomore year before Spring Break! She is also in War of the Worlds with Mr. Saum's theatre group."
  • Math = Cyrus Hamilton - "He's really taken charge of the class and is doing SO WELL! I'm honestly blown away by how hard he's been working and how willing he is to come to Office Hours, ask questions, answer during class, and to do any retakes he needs to get better at the standards."
  • Science = Riley Hull - "Riley is very diligent and proactive when it comes to her science class. Riley has exhibited the characteristics of a successful student by coming to class and turning in her assignments in a timely manner. She has turned in every assignment and has done very well on assessments."
  • Social Studies = Trinity Reis - "Social Studies nominates Trinity Reis for the student of the month. She is always the first to come to Zoom class, she emails and comes to office hours regularly with questions. She is taking risks with her learning and showing perseverance (endurance)."
  • World Languages = Mica McIntosh - "Mica Mcintosh, a freshman in French II, is a joy to have in class at all times. He's the World Language student of the month for November.

    Engagement - He's that kid you can always rely on to jump in and volunteer even when nobody else seems willing. He clearly enjoys the learning process, no matter what the topic.

    Endurance - Mica remembers every little bit of knowledge that is presented in class. He asks pointed questions that extend beyond the minimum requirements. He doesn't merely go for the high grade, but strives for precise understanding and deep meaning.

    Empathy - Mica is one of the most good-natured, genuinely happy students I've ever had the privilege to teach. He has a great sense of humor, but knows where to draw the line when it comes to what subject matter is appropriate in school. I very much hope he'll choose to take French III next year."

Senior Parent Night

Class of 2021 and Parents, please join us on December 14th at 6:30pm for a Senior Parent night. We will email out the Zoom link closer to the event. We plan to cover:

  • Graduation requirements
  • Post High School options
  • Paying for College
  • Grad Night Committee
  • Senior Yearbook info

Also - please see the information below for senior "Throwback Ad" for the Yearbook.

Big picture

Counselors Schoology Page

In addition to students accessing their teachers Schoology pages, they should be checking in with our Counselors Schoology page. It includes information on:

  • Forecasting classes
  • Social Emotional Resources
  • College & Career
  • Scholarships
  • Running Start
  • Graduation

They have some excellent information posted. Go check it out.

Tutoring/Learning Center Reminder

We have a peer tutoring center after school for students who need some extra help, but are more comfortable asking another student. The tutoring center will be from 3:30 to 4:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to begin with, although those days may be expanded if there is a need.

The detailed schedule can be found at .

If your child is struggling, please encourage them to stop by and join us at

Also, please use our teacher office hours.

War of the Worlds Play a Success

Bravo to our Theater Department for their excellent presentation of "War of the Worlds". They overcame some significant challenges and covid safety limitations to create a wonderful performance.
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Band Update

Thanks to some creative face and instrument covers, the HHS band was able to squeeze in some in-person, socially distanced sectional practices this fall. Kids were allowed to voluntarily come to the school to focus on music with their fellow band members and connect in a way that hadn’t in quite some time.

A bright spot for the band families is that it’s been a delight to hear the sounds of holiday music echoing down the hallways at home.

Speak of the holidays, if you are looking for a gift or stocking stuffer, HHS Band Boosters are selling special edition Hockinson Spirit puravida bracelets. You can find them at The Hockinson Market…grab them before they are gone.

Website for more information on Reopening

Below is a link to the Hockinson School District website for Reopening Information. I encourage you to go take a look for more information.

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