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Brazil known for being a very big country, so it makes me wonder how they're doing economically and who they are close with. Brazil trades the most with China, the United States and Argentina. This probably means that they are all pretty close with to Brazil. Did you know that Brazil has the 22nd largest export economy in the world and 20th largest import economy. Brazil's number 1 export is iron ore and that's probably because they are the third largest producers of iron ore. They're top imports are electronic equipments. Both their top import and export is mostly from and to China. I guess China and Brazil are like best buddies or something. Did you ever wonder how smart or how rich Brazil is? I did. They're GDP in 2014 was $2.35 trillion and their literacy rate was 92.6% of the population. If you ask me, I'd say that that's pretty good. I guess this means that Brazil would be a good country to live in when it comes to their economy.

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Environmental Concerns-Venezuela

Venezuela has major oil problems. Venezuela is a leading country in oil, but that can have a downside. Oil production is very important to Venezuela since they have been producing oil for over a 100 years and it has boosted their economy a lot over the 100 years. It is very important to many people in Venezuela since that's how they get most of their money. This oil that is helping so many people is also harming many people. It is harming Venezuela's environment greatly. Not only does oil give you money, but it also results in toxic waste, air pollution and oil spills. This is harming Venezuela's environment and making it harder for fishermen. It is making some people like fishermen lose their job and not make enough money and it is also killing many animals in the ocean because of oil spills. The oil problem can make it harder to breathe for some and cause global warming as well. The problem is that they can't just stop using oil since tons of people's lives depend on it, so they're trying hard right now and cleaning up as much as possible. Let's all hope they can save their economy and their country with it!


What do you think of when you think of Cuba? Most people would think about their government and how harsh it is. Is that the first thing that comes to mind for you too? It is for me. As you may well know, Cuba is under a dictator which doesn't sound very fun. They have an autocratic type of government which dictatorship is under and they have a unitary system of government. This means that the central government rules everyone in this country. The current dictator is Raul Castro. Since this country is under a dictatorship, the leader will be a leader until he/she or in this case Raul Castro dies. This may seem like a nightmare to most of you but some of you might think that the country might be a little more organized and the likes. Even though it may seem a little more organized, nobody is perfect or even close. Cuba's government isn't as organized or neat as it may seem to some of you. They aren't able to control the organizations and people that are for independent rights and more freedom. This causes the government to rely on imprisonment and arbitrary detentions to harass and intimidate people. This makes the government seem a little pathetic and stuff, so this is a issue that they're having. In the end, I came to the conclusion that people should have at least some freedom and rights to be able to do well with some rules to prevent them from going too crazy.


The history of Mexico is one that not many people might not know of or maybe everyone knows it. There was an ancient civilization there called the Aztecs between 1345-1521 CE. The Aztecs were very famous at that time and controlled most of Mexico. The Aztecs were a very neat and well functioning civilization, so they managed to take over many other territories around them. They would sacrifice a lot of the people they captured because of their religion and that caused many people to fear them. Mythology was very important to them and they were polytheistic. They had a 265 day calendar for the gods and a 365 day calendar for harvesting which is what we use right now. They were known for their religion, but not as well they were for being highly accomplished in trading and agriculture. They also had many goods along with their architecture making them rich. They kept on expanding from 1430 CE since they had good tools and everything they needed and only got bigger until the Spanish conquistadors arrived. The Spanish conquistadors were the ones to cause their collapse. Spaniards led by Hernan Cortes took over the Aztecs when the king was Montezuma 2. When the Spaniards first arrived, they were mad at the Aztecs but was willing to forgive them if they repented for believing in their gods instead of being a roman catholic and believing in the Spaniards' one god. On the other hand, the Aztecs thought that the Spaniards were their gods because they resembled what they believed the gods looked like. This gave the Spaniards an advantage. Another advantage was that they had weapons and animals that the Aztecs had never seen before like horses and some weapons. Even though they had these advantages, they lost the first battle with the Aztecs. They managed to capture Montezuma 2 on November 8, 1519, but they eventually lost and had to let him go. The second time they fought, the Spaniards were more prepared and they won. Also, the Spaniards carried diseases that the Aztecs weren't immune to which killed most of the Aztecs. This causes the Spaniards to win the second battle with the Aztecs. After they took over, they named the Aztecs' capital city, Tenochititlan, Mexico City. The Aztecs then got educated they became slaves because the Spaniards wanted slaves and they thought the Aztecs were getting smarter too smart by themselves. After all this, many died but some are still alive today.