About Me

By: Morgan Jacobs Period:5 Date:9/8/15

About My Name

I got my name because my dad wanted to name me Morgana but my mom didn't like it so she shortened it to Morgan. Also because my name had to start with M. My name originated in Whales and it means lives by the sea.


One quote is "Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly". To me this means that you will have rough time but you will get it someday.

Favorite people

  • Lauryn (my sister)- When me and my sister were in England in 2014 we spent almost every minute together and just got to hand out with each other.
  • My Grandma- In 2013 we went to Indiana with my dads side of the family and me and my grandma shared a room and she told me all about growing up there.

Favorite objects

  • My hamster named Ale because i got her after I finished Algebra so shes represent my accomplishment.
  • A porcelain doll of an Amish girl. She has brown hair and a blue and black dress and my dad got it for me when we were in Indiana so its important.
  • A union jack bull dog from England that i bought myself.

Most embarrassing memory

When I was in sixth grade I was walking done the hallway and someone tripped me and I fell and cried.

Favorite smell

My favorite smell is limes. I don't know why but i love the smell of them.

Positive Motto

I found the motto " don't fun faster than you can handle" don't make yourself do more than you have to.

My favorites

Favorite actor: Brenton Thwaites

Favorite actress: Shailene Woodley

Favorite song: love me so by: stereo kicks

Favorite band: 5 seconds of summer

Favorite book: Stolen by: Lucy Christopher

Favorite class: Any math class

Favorite television show: law and order: SVU

Favorite movie: Jersey Boys

Favorite song

Love me so by: Stereo kicks

Sherry by: Fankie Vali and the four seasons

Jet black heart by: 5 seconds of summer

Hopeful by: Bars and Melody

Black Magic by: Little Mix

Life goals

  • Graduate high school
  • Get excepted to a college maybe USF
  • Graduate college with a degree for math.
  • Get a job teaching math to middle schoolers
  • Live a happy life as most as i can.
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