It's School Picture Time!

Hello KHS Hawks! We have set aside some dates for O'Connor Photography to take school ID pictures. Please review the dates below so you can see when your student is taking their School ID picture. Also, if you are interested in purchasing a portrait package that information is also included in this newsletter.

9th - 11th Graders

Your school ID pictures will be taken on the day that you come for textbook pick-up
  • 9th Graders- freshmen orientation, textbook pick-up, and picture day (July 29th or July 30th)
  • 10th Graders- textbook pick-up and picture day (July 26th or July 27th)
  • 11th Graders- textbook pick-up and picture day (July 21st or July 22nd)

Packages can be paid for on the day you take your pictures with or cash or check.
  • checks should be made out to O'Connor photograhpy
  • If you would like to pre-pay for your package with a credit card you can do that by going to

If you have questions about the picture packages please call O'Connor Photography at 661-940-5657.

See images below for other information about the available packages.

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Seniors- Class of 2022

  • School ID Pictures are being taken on August 12th during the school day
  • Senior photo sessions for yearbook photos and portraits need to be booked through O'Connor Photography
  • Call 661-940-5657 or visit
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