Welcome To Botswana



Botswana has a pretty big country it is 226,000 square miles which is a lot especcially for most countries in Africa that are small.Botswana is a place where the weather is very hot through out the year but the coldest times of the year are in June and July. The natural resources that Botswana has are minerals,energy,protected areas and crop.The Kalahari desert is very famous in Botswana but it is very very hot and that is no exaduration.


1.independence from great britan-1966

2.1 st president died-1980

3.Recorded its first AIDS case-1985

4.protesters clashed with Botswanian troops at royal palace-1998

5.America agreed to boost trade with eastern and western africa-2008


Tswana people (79%),Kalanga people (11%), and Basarwa (or Bushmen) (3%).Discover the Okavango Delta, one of Africa’s great natural wonders.There are many holiday in Botswana some are new years, good friday, Easter monday,Labour day, Botswana day, and boxing day.