SCE~ Membership Mondays

April 4th

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Happy Monday

Welcome to our 1st Membership Monday Blast! I pray that you are well and rested for a new week! On behalf of SCE, I would like to again thank you for officially becoming a member with us. We are so blessed to have you and eager to see where God leads us together.

We have some updates I would like to share with you.

**As of today we have officially 28 members plus a few founding members to add to that growing number!!

**We have 12 plus locations on the list for our Founding Local Chapters coming this June!

*South Florida
*Jacksonville FL
* Virginia
*Maryland / DC Metro
*South Dakota
*possibly Chicago

***As the Membership Chair for SCE, I have a goal of 5 NEW registered members EACH MONTH!! I believe that this number is practical and we can all help to reach this goal by spreading the word about this group!

Thank you again for your fellowship and please let us know if you need anything!

Many Blessings~

Vanessa Kromer

SCE Membership Chair