I Funny Tv

By James Patterson

Recommendation by Gabe

Have you ever read a book of the funniest kid comic in the world? If so you should read I Funny Tv by James Patterson.

I Funny Tv is about a kid named Jamie Grimm. Jamie Grimm just won funniest kid comic in the world and now he is trying to become a actor on his own show based on him, but he was soon replaced by a different guy. Will Jamie get back on his own show or will he be beat by this guy?

Jamie Grimm is a really funny character who has had a lot of obstacles in his life. He lost his whole family when he was younger and now he lives with his uncle aunt and his three cousins. The other thing I like about Jamie is when ever he gets on stage he always gets nervous. Then, when he starts going all of his fears disappears and he does pretty well.

I would recommend this book to people who like humor or cliff hangers.

I think you will find this book very funny and it will probably make you laugh.

Here's a joke I thought of: Why couldn't the toilet paper cross the road? Because it was stuck in a crack!

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