Hawk's Eye View - Parent Edition

September 28, 2021

Vision, Mission, Core Values, Collective Committments

Vision: Advancing future-ready students: Adaptive/Motivated/Engaged

Mission: As a community, we will ensure all students achieve academic success and develop social skills needed to care, connect, and collaborate throughout their lives.

Core Values:
Teamwork: We achieve more collectively than individually

Integrity: We are honest and ethical

Growth: We believe that everyone can grow academically and socially through perseverance and focus

Celebrating Constitution Day!

We had a great day of celebrating our Constitution on Friday, September 17th. Please see the video of our preamble.


Kindness Campaign

We are proud to announce that we kicked off our Kindness Campaign today! Students caught being kind will be awarded with Blackhawk bucks they can spend at the Blackhawk store at the end of October. We will be showing videos and having discussions about kindness throughout the month of October. Our counselors will also be visiting classrooms to conduct activities centered around how we can be kind to each others and ourselves.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Our first quarter ends October 8, 2021. We will be hosting virtual parent/teacher conferences on October 21st and 22nd. Please be on the look out for more information from your child's teacher as those dates draws nearer.


Friday, October 1, 2021 is an early release day. We will release students at 1:30 pm. Early release Fridays provide teachers with a little extra time to work and plan collaboratively with grade level teams and multi-school teams working on the same academic content, or to participate in professional development.

This Friday, our teachers will be attending training associated with our book study, The Teacher Clarity Playbook. We will be discussing the importance of sequencing our learning progressions to help inform our intervention needs.

Thank you for your help!

We appreciate your help in speaking with your child about vandalism and theft. Due to our combined efforts, we were able to survive the Tik Tok challenge with minimal damage to the school.

The Tik Tok channel responsible for these challenges will continue to ask children to do inappropriate activities. Please be sure to monitor your child's use of this social media platform.

Video Announcements

Follow us on Vimeo for daily announcements and parent information videos. You can go to Vimeo.com and search for JoAnn Schwarting. Then choose "follow".

Important COVID-19 District Communication

Please be aware of the following district procedures, information, and updates regarding COVID-19.

New Messaging System

The district has adopted a new mass messaging system. If you feel you missed a message from Desert Mountain School, please call the message retrieval number at 855-269-0502.

I will attempt to use at least two forms of messaging, ie. text, email, phone. All messages will appear on our Deseret Mountain website as well.

Help Wanted!

Desert Mountain is in dire need of cafeteria monitors and facilities workers. If you know of anyone who may be interested please have them contact Patti Atchley at 623-445-3504. Thanks!

Desert Mountain has gone SOCIAL!

For important just in time information and campus happenings, please follow us on:

Twitter: @DMSblackhawks

Facebook page: @BlackHawkStrong

Vimeo: vimeo.com - Search for JoAnn Schwarting, select "Follow"

You can also visit the Desert Mountain website for important updates and school information.

Device Protection Plan Avaliable

As a reminder, DVUSD will be offering an Optional Device Protection Plan for families of 4th-8th graders utilizing take-home devices. Enrollment in the plan is optional with the understanding that if students/parents do not enroll in the protection plan they may carry full liability for the student device (iPad or Chromebook) in the same way they do for other damaged or lost school property, such as textbooks.

See District Flyer

Parents can purchase the protection plan online at https://url.dvusd.org/PaymentPortal.
Follow the link below for instructions for using the payment portal which are : https://url.dvusd.org/TouchBaseParentInstructions .

Virtual Curriculum Nights

Please be on the look out for information from your child's teacher regarding a virtual curriculum night within the next few weeks.