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by: Roshni Dhanasekar

Hershey Review

The Hershey Trip was a thrilling and enjoyable experience, but lets critique it - see if we share opinions.

Beginning with the hotel rooms, I thought they were very well organized and neatly presented. To be honest, though, I was imagining an enormous 30 story building, not separate building that are two floors each, but I still liked the overall layout of the hotel.

Moving on to the food, the major achievement: there was plenty to eat. The dinner was nicely cooked with just the right amount of flavor. The breakfast wasn't as great, especially those pancakes, they were dry and lifeless, but the syrup made it a little better.

Continuing to the dance floor, the room was massive and in high quality, but the dance floor was too small for all of us to fit. We were normally squished together with barely any arm space.

The music that was chosen to be played was excellent. They were all hit pop songs that everyone knew, which gave us the opportunity to shout out the lyrics and have a blast.

In the park, the variety of roller coasters gave us all a chance to pick the types we enjoy riding, and each one gave me a new thrill to experience.

The wait lines weren't too bad when we went, but that was mainly because we were using the Hershey Park app, telling us the wait time for each ride at any given point.

Finally we reach the buses, which is a whole other story. The buses in general were awesome since they had comfortable seats, compartment underneath for storing our luggage, TV screens for watching movies, WiFi, and air conditioning. In our experience, though, three buses had issues: two broke down and one lost air conditioning. In the midst of trying to help those buses, our arrival to school was delayed 2 hours. Ignoring these minor flaws, Hershey was an unforgettable trip.

BRMS Graduation

Wednesday, June 17th 2015 at 6pm

128 Merriwood Drive

Bridgewater, NJ

This is the time to see all your friends once again before our graduating class moves on to high school. Contact Mrs. Iatesta or visit the BRMS webpage, for more information.

Talent Show

Our orchestral group was selected to be a part of the BRMS talent show and we have had quite an experience. We chose to play the song, Shipping Up to Boston, and we had created a mini ensemble composed of three violins, two violas, one cello, one flute, and one drummer. Our group had so many funny moments together as we rehearsed over the weekends. The first one was coming up with our name. We were all trying to think of something we all have in common besides orchestra but nothing came to mind. Then Aryanna had a light bulb, she noticed that we all were in E-classes, so we were all smart-er than average. Then I am just like, "OMG our name should be the Smarticle Particles!" Everyone thought is was hilarious but they all loved it so we stuck with that name.

During our first meeting, Kaavya couldn't come since she was at a ski lodge, so we tried, emphasis on tried, skyping her and asking her to play along, but it was an epic fail. First of all, the phone we used had so much lag time that we only could hear what Kaavya was saying 10 seconds later. When we were playing and we finished the song all together, you could just hear Kaavya finish the song by herself and it was hilarious. Then Kaavya just decided to listen to us play while she was drinking her soda, and instead of playing, we screen-shotted weird glitches on the phone which froze Kaavya into awkward positions. One picture looked like Kaavya was sticking the straw in her nose! We also recorded each other in slow motion and played the videos to pass time. We were so productive, catch the sarcasm, but we actually practiced and we improved every rehearsal.

On the performance day, we all planned to wear matching outfits, white tops, black bottoms. We looked so cool with green lighting and we gave the BRMS Talent Show an amazing start with our performance. Aryanna even got green glowing drum sticks which looked awesome in the dark. The performances following us were outstanding as well; we have so many talented singers. All in all, our group bonded together through this experience and we hope to continue. We plan to meet over the summer again to practice songs together for fun and play it in public places. That's how the Smarticle Particles role!

Sudoku Puzzle

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NHD Experience

This was the biggest project we ever had to do up until this point. We began this project in November and submitted it in February. The project was long and stressful, but it was still engaging and it posed as a teacher for me. We worked in pairs, and my partner was Roma. In the beginning, we were freaking out since we had so much to accomplish, and we were both perfectionists, so that was an issue. We were calm and we had intense 5 hour meetings together throughout winter break. We finished the poster by then, but it was so plain and straightforward with no decorations.

Then Ms.Knapp told us about the rule that the poster could only have 500 words maximum. Both of us flipped out because ours had 1579! That weekend, we spent 3 hours just cutting all out hard work. We literally ripped up our old poster and created a completely new one. The project was due in a month, so in those four weeks, we spent our entire weekends creating a new and improved NHD poster. I'm pretty sure we both grew out of our "perfectionist" mindset because we stopped caring many times since we had to repeat the same process. In the end, though, we were very happy with our outcome. Our decorations were very unique and flashy, and our content was concise and easy to read. Our project made it into the top 10 in our school, so we were proud of ourselves; that the outcome was worth the effort we put in.

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Advice Column

Throughout this 4 month process, we have also learned many lessons. Number one, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! If we have read the directions and asked our questions to Ms.Knapp beforehand, we would not had had to redo our entire poster. Reading directions can save a lot of time, so you won't waste any.

The second rule is DON'T PROCRASTINATE! I have seen many people in our class push aside this project until last minute and ended up not doing as well as they could have. Never push anything until the day before, especially big projects, because it will just build up stress and you won't do as well as you can.

The third rule, WORK TOGETHER! It doesn't help if you and your group members don't work together because you won't get as much work done. Always evenly split the workload and give everyone a part, so everyone contributes. This technique always makes your entire group put just as much effort as you into any assignment given.

Finally, NEVER GIVE UP! Even if it's the most torturous project you have ever done, never give up on it. Always work your hardest until the end and I promise you that you will be satisfied with your result. If you don't give it your all, you won't get your all.

Let's give a shout out to all the teachers in BRMS for teaching all these lessons because they will bring you a long way in the future. These people should never be forgotten.

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I was part of the school Mathcounts team of top 20 people in our school (selected by the scores of the written test). It has been a wonderful experience, and I had a time to join up with all my nerd friends and nerd-out every Friday afternoon. We always discussed problems together and debated each other over the right answer. I loved explaining problems to other people because one, it made me feel smart, and two, it made me understand the problem better myself. We also versed each other for who could do the worksheet faster, and Wayne would always win because he is just that much of a genius. During our regional competition, in early February, our team received fifth place! Wayne received second place as an individual participant, so one member from our team was moving on to states!

I have progressed so much in math when I joined this team. There were so many new techniques that I learned for doing problems faster. These techniques really helped me when learning geometry in school because I felt like I already knew everything being taught. I was able to help my classmates and now they always ask me any math related question they have on any homework. I also like proving other people wrong when we argue answers, it is actually pretty fun, that is, when I win the argument. I <3 math!

Studio Orchestra Memos

This select group of talented students and our wonderful teachers, Mr.Simon and Mrs. Williams, have held some of my most cherished memories and yet taught the most valuable lessons from the past two years. First off, lets start with memories! In the past, Andrew L. was always going to the bathroom every studio rehearsal. During the last four weeks before competition, Mr.Simon said that if anyone went to the bathroom during rehearsal, they would be punished in some way. His reasoning for punishment was because there was 15 minutes before rehearsal when you could chat. Andrew still went to the bathroom, so while he was in there, Mr.Simon told us to just freeze in whatever position we were at when he sat down. Andrew walked into the room and we were all playing our piece, and right when he sat down, we froze! It was hilarious and Andrew was just like "Whaaaa" and then we all cracked up.

Though there were memories like those, there were also various lessons being taught. During one rehearsal, Mr.Simon was trying to make us play the dynamics properly, so the melody would be heard and the harmony would be a softer accompaniment. We weren't understanding how to do this because we heard no difference in the way it sounded, so Mr.Simon gave us a description metaphorically. He said that the violas were like soy sauce. He gave us the description of how soy sauce tasted: "If you are eating a salad, there are tomatoes and lettuce and bits of seasoning sprinkled evenly, but when you add soy sauce and eat the salad, all you taste is the soy sauce. It's the same thing with violas: everyone is playing softly and the violas are just marching down the aisle!" His description allowed us to understand how we sound as a whole, and it helped us play the dynamics properly.

Toward the end of our journey, our main problem, that we had to fix before our competition at Dorney Park, was following the conductor's beat precisely. I could never count the number of times he told us to "follow the ictus of the baton at the exact space/point in time," but as a whole, all of us could never get the beat immediately. Mr.Simon used an analogy for this description. He said that the baton was a traffic light and our orchestra were the cars. He explained how if every car pushed on the gas pedal exactly when the light turned green, every car would be able to move at the same time, no matter where the car was. We had to follow his baton the same way; we had to anticipate when he would conduct and play exactly on the beat. We also had to watch and not hear, and these concepts were all understood better when he told us that analogy. With all these lessons learned, we went to Dorney Park with confidence and received the score that we had hoped for, 1st place Superior ranking! I could never think of any better teachers than Mr.Simon and Mrs.Williams, they have transformed me into a strong, confident violin player, and I could not thank them enough.

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Personality Test - Commemorating Tania

  • Only 5% of the people in this world can hold their nose, stick their tongue out, and still be able to breathe.
  • Is your hand bigger than your face?
  • If you say marshmallow really slowly it sounds like miraculous

If you fell for any one of these, you are gullible. If you fell for all of them, you are so gullible that you will believe anything that is said, no matter how dumb it sounds. If you are this person, you are exactly like my friend, Tania. Throughout this entire year, we always made stuff up and tell Tania that they were true facts, and she still believes them today. One of them was #jellykilling (I know it's a very random phrase). We told her that it was the phrase that was most used on Instagram, and Tania believed it and used that phrase all the time, not even knowing what it means (we didn't come up with a meaning). Another fact was that Hawaii was in the weast, and this one I made up. I told Tania that is was an actual word and it meant that Hawaii was in the eastern hemisphere, west of the United States, so it was weast. The explanation I made up was so believable that when I told Tania the fact wasn't true, she argued and said that it was; "she googled it". Well I don't know what lies the internet told her, she probably used Wikipedia or something. She believed so many things that we made up, and she always made us laugh by her gullibility when we told her it wasn't true the minute she believed it. She was such an amazing friend, I wish she didn't have to move away to other county. This was the person that brought happiness to me, and I never want to let her go.


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Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

Our school has provided us with a variety of experiences. There are numerous clubs for students of all different interests to participate in, trips that are always enjoyable, and projects that are worth while. Although we have all of this, there are still a few concerns I have that should be incorporated in order to make our school feel more like home.

The first concern is the hallway monitor cameras. Everyone sees them there but I feel like it is never used because there is still bullying inside the school. There should be a teacher or someone to check the camera every period and just fast forward through the video until they catch something, if any. In classrooms, there is still bullying when the teacher is not looking or is out of the room for a short period of time. This is very rare in verbal form, but it's there with expressions. For example, when someone is presenting, and they talk really slow, other people may role their eyes at them or give annoyed looks. Maybe the person presenting is just nervous, and now if they see those looks, they would feel as if they did terrible. This occurs generally when students are presenting, so the teacher should always be somewhere near the front of the room to catch/prevent emotional abuse. Improving these minor issues can majorly reduce bullying in our school.

Another issue that is bugging me since last year is the tennis courts. There are many people in our school who play tennis, so why are the tennis courts never fixed? It has been in the same condition for the past two years. I think this school should have a better tennis program because in physical education, the tennis unit is only one week, where as the basketball unit is a month. There should be a balance between the time given to each sport. Maybe, if possible, in the future the middle school should have a tennis competitive team like the high school team. This would allow us to practice our skills more to be prepared for high school tryouts.

My final concern is improving the cafeteria food. I know that the lunch ladies have to prepare a meal for 300-400 students at once, but the food doesn't taste that great. At least the food should be decent, it doesn't need to be a gourmet meal, but at least decent enough to actually eat it. Rarely do I see people actually eating the food that they buy at the cafeteria; mostly they only eat the junk food, like cookies or ice cream, for their lunch and throw out the main meal. The quality of the food needs to improve so that it is healthier and more appealing to our taste buds.

Other than those minor concerns, our school is amazing! It has provided us with so many different opportunities that other schools don't give. I will never forget our school; it will always have a place in my heart. The teachers and friends I have met here have impacted my life so much and gave me a thrilling roller-coaster to ride.