Come to my country !

Come to Estradalandia ! We have Capitalism !

In Estradalandia we have a free enterprise economy, where you can have your own businesses and conduct economic activity with little or no government intervention. In capitalism, the governement is only involved in protection and safety regulation. Also, consumers buy what they want based on demand, and the pricing is based on demand and profit.

How Capatalism Works

Capitalism, also known as market economy and free enterprise, is a production of goods and services that is determined by the demand for consumers. In a market economy, the producers and the consumers are the ones in charge. In this economic system all the government does is provide protection. In a market economy they pay you by hour and salary, if they pay you by hour, your check depends on how many hours you worked, but with salary they give you a specific amount of money no matter how much you worked. Also, the way they buy and sell things in a free enterprise economy is the cheaper something is the more the consumers are going to want to buy it.


Some disadvantages of the market economy is that there is wealth inequality and a huge gap between the rich and poor, there could be abuse of the freedom they are receiving, huge companies can take over the smaller companies.


Now unless you want to live somewhere where everything is controlled by the government, come down to Estradalandia where we have capitalism, and you can take your own control!