Ancient Greece

By: Mr. Hanson


My research project is about Ancient Greece. My first topic is the beginnings of Ancient Greece. I learned a great deal about how Ancient Greece began. The second topic is various types of government. This topic showed me the various stages that Ancient Greece went through leading to democracy. My final topic is the end of Greek city-states. This topic taught me about how these great city-states ended. In the following three paragraphs I will focus on what I learned about each topic.

The Beginnings of Ancient Greece

Various Types of Government

The governments of Ancient Greece went through several different stages. One form of government was a monarchy headed by a king or queen. Another form of government was an oligarchy. The oligarchy was rule by a few, which were the wealthy nobles. Next came the tyranny form. Tyranny eventually lead to democracy or rule of the people. Athens had the first democracy in the world.

The end of Greek City-States


My research about Ancient Greece helped me learn more about this ancient civilization. The three topics I chose helped me learn specific details about these people. The beginnings of Ancient Greece for example, gave me a better understanding of when this civilization began. The various types of government, showed me that Ancient Greece went through many stages and types of governments before democracy. The final topic of how the Greek city-states came to an end provided insight as to how these powerful city-states ended. Overall, my research of Ancient Greece was very educational and helped me learn more about this civilization.


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