unique animals

the red panda

1) The facts about the red panda

1. Red Panda.

2. Live in Eastern Himalayas and southwestern China.

3. the red panda feeds mainly on bamboo,he is also eats eggs, birds, insects, and small mammals.

4. Red pandas may alternately use their forepaws to bring food to their mouths or place food directly into their mouths.

2) pictures of the red panda

3) A description of the red panda

4) A Video about the red panda

Red Panda cute...

5) The reason the Red Panda is special.

I think that the red panda is special because he is smart,

and he is not a Panda bear or a racoon, but he is both.

6) A pet

yes, I want the red panda has a pet,

because he is small and special and cute.