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Term 3 comes to an end and almost Spring Break!

I hope this newsletter finds you doing well. This Friday, March 12th is the end of our 3rd term. Parents, please make sure you log into skyward on a weekly basis to see your daughter or son's current grades. Just a reminder, every 9 weeks our sponsors and athletic department have to do grade checks for eligibility purposes. For Term 1 and 3 we use the 9 weeks grades and for Term 2 and 4, we error on the side of the student and use the grades that benefit them the most for eligibility either with term grades or semester* grades.

*Semester grades are the ones that show up on a transcript and are on the student's permanent record.

Picture Day for students, including virtual, who have not taken their school pictures for the year. Pictures will be on Wednesday, March 17th at 8:00 a.m. in the auxiliary gym at the high school. This will be the final offering and the pictures go into the school yearbook. Below is the picture retake form that you can print and send in with your payment.

Big picture
Big picture
Yearbook orders are taking place. You should have received a call from Mr. Shockley. If you have any questions, please email him at

Spring sports are getting underway. First practices for baseball, girls' tennis, and boys' golf start on the 15th of March. Softball started this week. Boys and Girls track started on Feb. 15th. Good luck to all our spring sports athletes. When we get back from spring break limited contact period begins for fall and winter sports on April 5th. if you're not in a spring sport, think about joining a team and getting involved.


We had an exciting Saturday morning at FFA contests.

3rd Ag Mech - Austin Darnold

1st Ag Sales - Jorja Hazelwood

2nd Horticulture - Jorja Hazelwood

2nd Animal Science- Caroline Bechman

1st Quizbowl - Shelby Morton, Tucker Whitaker, Emma Richey, LeAnne Graham

2nd Extemp Speaking - Sarah Backus

3rd Food Science- Nick Whitaker

3rd Natural Resources Demo- Jacob Ruble

2nd Essay - Caleb Lee

3rd Plant and Soil Demo- Kaitlyn Rutledge

2nd Talent - Morgan Preston-Klein

All other participants should be very proud! Great Job kiddos!

High School Archery Results

Here are the results so far this season as of 3/1/21:

ranked 2nd in state in Bullseye - 3329

ranked 4th in state in IBO - 1613

So far this season, this team has 5- 1st place finishes and 1-2nd place.

Top 100 Individual in Indiana:


Caroline Bechman ranked 1st in state in HS female-294 (9th is Nation)

Emma Richey ranked 26th with a 280

Jorja Hazelwood ranked 60th with a 274

Autumn Dempler ranked 63rd with a 273

Emily Kent ranked 90th with a 269


Quinton Huff ranked 9th with a 290

Christian Torres ranked 23rd with a 285

Jacob Evans ranked 23rd with a 285

Ryan Stoner ranked 48th with a 280

Gabe Ksiazak ranked 75th with a 277

Brady Stewart ranked 75th with a 277

Cole Bechman ranked 83rd with a 276