Shakespeare and Hamlet introduction

Cole West

Who is shakespeare and what is Hamlet?

Hamlet is arguably Shakespeare pride and joy. Printed in 1603, The play had the most impact on society and even still today is analyzed by students everywhere. It was his longest play and one of the more impactful tragedies literature. It was at the top of the list for the most performed plays in Shakespeare's company. In the play he presents a common conflict through the maintence of identity. Hamlet seeks to find out whether he's the prince of the title or a student.

Hamlet, the main character, is the Price of Denmark. Hamlet seeks to get revenge on the current King whom had killed his father then marrying the widowed mother. Hamlet goes through a series of coax's on his uncle to figure out his guilt. Hamlets plan ultimately backfires on him by accidentally killing Polonius instead of the King. Doing this gets him a ticket straight to England and also . Polonius's son then wants revenge on Hamlet, and Claudius arranges their fencing match but all odds are against Hamlet. The king poison's Hamlets drink and Laertes poisons his blade. The kings plan backfires, Gertrude instead drinks the poison instantly killing her. Claudius ends up cutting himself with the poisonous blade but also wounds Hamlet with the poisonous blade. The result is upon them all not surprising.

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Who is this Man?

William Shakespeare came from an ironically un educated background. His father made his way by becoming a glove maker. His Mother Mary Arden also had no formal education. His birth date still remains unknown. William only received a few years of education through a public school. A lot of his writing and reading was self taught which I impressive in a sense that he wrote way ahead of his time. At the age of 18 he married Anne Hathaway. Shakespeare began making his way into the theatre business by becoming an entrepreneur guiding and managing his own theatre company. From this point on he was yet to become one of the most impactful literary figures of his time.

So you think you know him ? heres some facts then

Shakespeare's pipe remnants were tested and found traces of cocaine, cannabis, and hallucinogenic nutmeg

Used narcotics for inspiration towards his play writes

Had seven siblings

Buried at holy trinity church an put a curse on anyone who tried to move his body

One of his relatives was arrested for plotting against the queen