December Update


December Curriculum

Blue Room: The students will be enjoying stories about the winter season. These stories will be used to teach teacher chosen letters. There are also sight words that students will be memorizing this month. These words will be used in fun phonics games like memory. Students will read along with the Blue Room teacher and begin to pick out words with in the sentence. Students will also be prompted to answer questions about the stories using complete sentences.

Green Room: CHANGE! There are so many changes that occur this time of year. Animals and plants begin to hibernate, while some animals migrate south. Students will learn all about these processes and the different types of weather that causes these things to happen. Students will record the weather this month. They will also learn all about the water cycle with our friend Drippy!

Red Room: In the Red Room this month students will learn about different types of severe weather. They will learn about "storm chasers" and what they do. They will talk about photography and the dangers of chasing storms. They will also learn all about the fun that can be had in the snow. Lastly, they will be participating in some of the winter sports that can be found around the world.

Additions: Students will be learning some French words to go along with the artist this month. Each class room will have a set of words based on the learning area being targeted. Blue room will have vocab words, Green room will be counting to 10 and the Red room will be learning colors.

Winter Program

Our Annual Winter Concert will be held on Friday December 11th at 6:30 pm in the Sierra Nevada Room. All students that will participate can be dropped off at the Marysville school at 6:00 pm. The doors to the room will not open until 6:15 pm. Please let all guests know that we will not allow anyone in before that time. After the wonderful concert there will be a special guest and a chance to get a picture with him! Be sure to bring your camera!

Winter Party

All schools will be having a holiday party on December 18th. There will be crafts, games, snacks and presents. Everyone is welcome to attend and volunteers are greatly appreciated. Please talk to your director about the details.