Computer engineering!

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A computer hardware engineer test computers for commercials, scientific use, and military. They also look over the manufacturing of computers and the supplying of technical support. They can also help in the development of "computer games." What they usually work in is a office or laboratory with a group. Testing parts to ensure they work, Use computers to produce and analyze designs.


The main requirement for computer engineers is a bachelors degree, but masters is very important. They must be able to work in a group. Along with education, qualifications for a computer engineer include analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as mathematics.

The computer field grows rapidly, requiring engineers to continue their studies throughout their careers.

What you need

The lowest requirement for a computer engineer is a bachelors degree, but most people want people who have more training in their buisness, also known as a masters degree. The computer engineer must research information regarding computer operating systems, review current operating systems, make changes to systems and even may develop operating systems of this type.
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