Operational Specialist

Coast Guard


To become a OS, you have to attend 16 weeks of "A" school training in Petaluma,CA. When you are in school training you will receive communication symbols, and a software application used for planning rescue missions and navigating. But before this you have to go to boot camp for more than 8 weeks straight.


An operational specialist makes from 40-60 thousand dollars a year. 41,000 dollars is the lowest that you can get paid. The most you can get paid for being an operationalist specialist is 113,000 dollars a year. Which would be around 20 dollars an hour.

What you would do everyday

You would wait for someone to call and the you have to send out boats and helicopters to the places needed. You use maps and computers a lot of the time. The perks of this job would probably have to be that you get to help save people.

Job openings

Really there is no specific place that you work. You travel all over the world to the different bases that offer your job there. Usually they will give you a list of places you can go, then you pick three and they give you one of those three. Each place you go you have to stay for 2-3 years.