Child Life Specialist

The Life Of A Child Life Specialist

Well What Do They Do??

Child life specialists work with children and their families in healthcare settings, helping to foster growth and development while reducing anxiety about hospitalization and treatment.

Their Work Environment...

As a child life specialist, you work within the field of pediatrics. Most child life specialists work in hospitals as part of a team that provides health care for children or adolescents. If you become a child life specialist, you'll use play, conversation, art and other forms of self-expression to prepare children for upsetting events.

How Do You Become One??

Most employers require child life specialists to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree. Some colleges and universities offer programs in child life, but other acceptable majors include child and family studies, psychology, child development, recreational therapy and early childhood education. Undergraduate coursework focuses on child psychology and prepares students for clinical work, post-baccalaureate work and certification.

How Much Money Do They Make??

Child Life Specialist average salary is $40,016, median salary is $37,182 with a salary range from $30,514 to $71,177.

The Job Outlook...

The Mayo Clinic reported on their website in July 2011, the number of jobs for child life specialists was increasing. The most job opportunities are typically found in large, urban areas because most of the available positions are in children's hospitals, located in such areas.

Similar Occupations??

Similar occupations include possibly jobs that work with children?? I mean if thats the type of stuff you're into.