Feb. 12th, 2018 Pony News

On the Side of Hope!

We are a No Excuses University Campus

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college. When schools exhibit a culture of universal achievement by believing in students, they collaborate around that belief. During collaboration, they align their standards as a team. As teams align standards, they need to assess the standards and manage the data. Then, and only then, can they pursue meaningful interventions with their students.

Behavior Support

You are going to notice some new faces in our building.

  • Lisa Reagan (reaganl@lisd.net) is a retired principal that is coming to us from the district to support with some of the behavior challenges we have this year. She will be working directly with the admin team, the teachers, the students and their parents. Let's take advantage of her experience and expertise.
  • Mr.TRonn Hicks (HicksI@lisd.net) is also coming from the district. He will be working directly with some of our most at risk students throughout a mentoring program that he has been doing at Delay. Rockbrook, Durham and DAEP. He will be joining us on Monday during the Rally. He also will be collaborating with the 5th grade team to brainstorm ideas on how to decrease some disrupting behavior.

We are excited for these extra level of support and hopeful for our Ponies! Let's continue to be On The Side of Hope!

Restorative Discipline Practices - An Approach to Support Us with Our Discipline Challenges!

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the words resistant child? Disruptive? Mean? Hurtful? Angry? We might even call these children disconnected. What if we shifted our view of these children to see their behaviors as a call for help?

Children who are relationship resistant are the most challenging in our classrooms. We can relate to these children on some level as we have all had hurt and betrayal in our lives. As adults we build defenses to distract us from that inner pain, children show us with their hurtful and disruptive behavior in the classroom.

For children to behave differently we must see them differently. Building relationships is key to reaching children who are resistant. Begin practicing self-calming strategies and be willing to see children’s misbehavior as a call for help.

Look for opportunities for connecting with children, begin building your school family.

A Pick into Restorative Circles


Token Economies- Behavior Plan

Thank you to Ms. Butler, Ms. Esch, Mrs. Hamilton and Ms. Mcnamara for creating Token Economy Behavior Plans for some of your students. Thank you Ms. Naik for helping us to develop these plans.

If you need support developing any behavior plans please let your Assistant Principal know. We also have a new admin store to support you with you behavior plans.

Congratulations to Ms. Satterla's class. Her entire class got to choose items from the admin store for making amazing choices.

February 19th Campus Professional Development

We will have our campus learning on February 19th. One of the main focuses will be about behavior strategies for challenging students. The special education department has agreed to come to our campus to share tools that we can use to prevent and de-escalate aggressive and defiant behaviors. I am excited to learn new tools and strategies to support our most at risk Ponies.

The rest of the day will have an academic focus where you will leave with lesson designs ready to be applied in your instruction.

Click here for the agenda

PLEASE REGISTER IN EDUPHORIA. https://lew.schoolobjects.com//wshop/default.aspx?cid=24470

Sessions with Professional Learning Communities for this week:

Tuesday's K-5 PLC agenda is HERE

Remember to bring a charged computer because we will be completing the TELPAS rating calibration during the PLC.

See you Tuesday in the data hub!


Please click on the link to see the sequence of the Rally!

  • Mr. Lllyon Hicks be our guest speaker on Monday. He will be talking to the students about being leaders and having high expectations. We won't be doing any of the chants. We will also share a video created by our own Ponies to celebrate Black History month.

A Minute with the LASes


LEAD- Mid Year Goal Progress

During the months of February and March your appraiser will be setting up some time with you for the Mid Year Goal Progress. This is our opportunity to discuss progress and attainment.

Remember LEAD is a professional development tool that allows for growth and collaboration. We are excited to meet with you and learn how your goals are going.

Here is an example of what those conversations might look like.


LEAD Artifacts

Remember to collect artifacts for your end of the year conference that will happen between the months of April and May. These artifacts will provide evidence on how you have accomplished your goals. Don't wait to add all of your artifacts until the end. Begin adding your artifacts on strive under evidence for each of your goals.

Your Campus Design Team members have been trained on how to upload these artifacts into STRIVE. They can assist you if you have any questions.

Effective Use of Learning Facilitators

What are your professional goals in regard to your instruction? Are there any instructional strategies that you would like to implement or new resources that you'd like to learn about? If so, reach out to our amazing Learning Facilitators! They are here to support you and your students! They are willing to partner with you to design lessons, teach you about new resources and how to implement them in your classroom, work with you in a coaching cycle (they will model for you, co-teach with you, and observe you to give you non-evaluative feedback toward your goal), analyze student data with you, etc. The variety of support that they offer is endless!

Reach out to them today!

Math Facilitator: Kim Jones - joneskim@lisd.net

Science Facilitator: Lori Klimeck - klimeckj@lisd.net

K-2 ELA Facilitator: Katia Zamorano - zamoranok@lisd.net

3-5 ELA Facilitator: Mary Pasquale-Vick- pasquale-vickm@lisd.net

Technology Facilitator: Nancy Benton - bentonne@lisd.net

LVES Kindness Challenge

Thanks to everyone who is participating in our challenge! It's been great seeing all of the pictures and activities that you've done thus far! We only have 4 days left in our Kindness Challenge. Once you complete your challenge sheet, turn it in to Mrs. Rubio to receive either 1 ticket/challenge completed or 2/tickets/challenge completed. Remember, in order to earn the extra ticket you to have tweeted a picture of the challenge using the specific hashtag for that day. The winners of will be announced after school on Friday!

Resource Round-Up

Shout out to Ms. Butler for jumping on the bandwagon with The Next Step Forward in Guided Reading! Not only has she purchased the resource for herself, she also purchased the Teacher's Companion and has deemed them a game changer!

Check in with her to see how she is using all of these amazing resources during guided reading in her classroom .

**We still have 2 copies left in the Think Spot that are available for check-out!**

Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Lewisville Elementary Assessment Data/Calendar (2017-18)

Weekly Calendar

Monday February 12th

  • College Ready Rally 2:20-2:45 pm
  • College/U shirt Day
  • Math LF
  • GRADES DUE at 4pm 3rd 9 wk. 1st Progress Report

Tuesday February 13th

  • PLC in DataHub
  • TELPAS online writing calibration during PLCs
  • ITF, Math & Science ACT
  • Online Basic Training Courses (new raters or new grade clusters) Computer lab 3:30-4:30

Wednesday February 14th

  • Class Valentine’s Parties
  • Dress for Success Day
  • Staff Learning @3:15 (Provided by the Specials Team)
  • LA ACT

Thursday February 15th

  • PTA & 4th/5th Music Program** Black History Celebration 6pm
  • Released STAAR Writing 4th
  • 2nd- 5th: TELPAS Science writing sample due
  • McDonald’s Night
  • LA 3-5
  • Math & Science ACT

Friday February 16

  • LVES Spirit Day
  • Blood pressure check station

Staff Shout Outs

  • Mr. Anderson - thanks for helping out and working with a special first grade friend.
  • Thank you Mrs. Maurier & Mrs. Rowland for your work helping to coordinate TELPAS details.
  • Thank you Ms. Betty and Ms. Vando for helping make the Star Wars snacks for the TELPAS training a reality.
  • Mrs. Betty and Mrs. Vando for helping setting up the library for the TELPAS training.
  • Wanda, Samia, and Stephanie S. for creating Saturday School lesson plans.
  • Ms. Paris for helping with my class when my sub became ill and had to leave.
  • Ms. Holguin for helping my dual partner with my class when I was out.
  • Mrs. Holder for always working hard with our first graders to help them be successful.
  • Mrs. Anguita for her dedication in preparing for the first day of Saturday school!
  • Ms. Y. Bernal for sharing her planning notebook!
  • Ms. Izzy Bernal for taking a couple of our first graders under her wing in the mornings.
  • Mrs. Anguita for all your work to help us prepare for Saturday School Advanced Academics.
  • Mrs. Valdes - thank you for all of your hard work and support behind the scenes. We appreciate you!
  • Mrs. Burleson, thank you for always being a listening ear!
  • Mrs. Kilam, for your dedication to loving and caring for your students.
  • Mrs. Veronica Hernandez, for the fabulous "Book Tasting" that gave our students a tour of literacy genres!
  • Mr. Colon for helping with volleyball club and sharing his expertise!
  • Ms. Holguin and Ms. Vando for helping print, cut, and distribute family jump rope night letters!
  • The Kindergarden team for the amazing treats.
  • Mrs. Sanchez & Samia for helping me with Science plans for Saturday School.
  • HUGE shout out to Coach W., Coach Greene, Mr. Colon, Miss Satterla, Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Sneed, Mrs. Kilam, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Sammon, Miss Rommel, Mrs. Rowland, Mrs. M. Rodriguez, Mrs. V. Hernandez, Mrs. Zamora, Mrs. Speer, Mrs. Norton, Mrs. Echevarria, and Miss Green for facilitating a club this year and sharing your knowledge and talents with our students!
  • Mrs. Vando and Mrs. Sanchez for helping with the club students every Monday after the NEU Rally.
  • 1st grade and 3rd grade team for doing an amazing job with Math. Ms. Ferguson, Math District Administrator was very complimentary of the level of engagement, manipulatives, lesson demonstration and cooperative learning she observed.
  • Ms. Myers for all of her go RED tips!

Click here to submit your Shout Out.

February's Birthdays

Veronica Sammon February 2nd

Bethany Wooster February 6th

Belinda Rubio February 9th

Veronica Hernandez February 11th

Corey Anderson February 11th

Michael Colón Valedón February 18th

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