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May Newsletter

May Days

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend." - Melody Beattie

I am eternally grateful for the students, families, and staff of our Ada-Borup Community. Although we have all experienced many challenges over the past several weeks, we have worked together to find the silver linings. My heart is so full as I watch the interactions between our students, families, and educators.

As we approach the final days of the school year, we realize that this time is often the time our students remember fondly. We have been working hard to take some of those traditions that we value so much here at Ada-Borup Elementary and adapt them to distance learning. In the next few days, teachers will be unveiling some of those activities.

May brings warm weather and warm feelings in the traditional school year. We strive to connect with our students as we head towards the final days of school.

Warmest wishes!

Bree Triplett

Principal, Ada-Borup Elementary

Ada-Borup Elementary Year End Schedule

May 1 & 4: No school - Professional Development for Staff

**meal service and child care are still happening**

May 5th: Bus deliveries and pick up of curriculum materials (packets)

May 11th: Bus deliveries and pick up of curriculum materials (packets)

May 14th: Last Day for Tue., Thur. Voluntary PreK

May 15th: Last Day for Mon., Wed., Fri. Voluntary PreK

May 18th: Bus deliveries and pick up of curriculum materials (packets)

May 21st: 5th Grade Virtual Graduation

May 22: Last day of curriculum instruction provided.

  • All buses will travel normal bus routes to pick up all schoolwork and school-owned material (iPads, charger, and books) on the morning of Friday, May 22nd.

  • Students that need additional time to complete assignments may keep materials until May 27th

May 26th-28th: Parent/teacher online/teleconferences

  • Teachers will set up a time to conference with parents about year end

May 27th: 2nd round of material pick up

  • All buses will travel normal bus routes to pick up all remaining schoolwork and school owned material (iPads, charger, and books)

The Ada-Borup Elementary staff created this song and video back in March before distance learning started. We were hoping that we would be able to be back in school with our students in May, unfortunately we are not. We MISS our students! Please enjoy our video and stay safe.

**Disclaimer, this video was produced in March. We are and have been maintaining the recommended social distance guidelines. **

We Will Survive

At first we were afraid

We were petrified

Kept thinkin’ we could never live without you by our sides

But then we spent two weeks gettin’ our distance learning on

And we grew strong!

We even created this song!

And so we’re back, in internet space

We just popped in to see all the smiles on your face

Soon we’ll be sending all the busses out on school deliveries

I’ve even really missed Mr. Wahlin buggin me!

Go on go! Get ready to soar!

Just log on now

And open the distance learning door

We weren't sure what to do

We weren’t ready to say goodbye

We know we won’t crumble

We won’t lay down and cry!

On no not us! We will survive!

Oh as long as we know how to learn

We will not take a dive

We’ve got all the tools to give

We’ve got all our love to give

We will survive, We will survive!

*Dance Break*

It took all the strength we had not to fall apart

Kept thinking, we should join in with the world of hearts

And we spent oh-so many days feeling sorry for ourselves

We used to cry

But now we hold our heads up high!

You see us! We are brand new

We’re ready to bring our distance learning plan to all of you

So we felt like dropping in just so you could see

That Mr. Wahlin is still here and bugging me!

Go on go! Get ready to soar!

Just log on now

And open the distance learning door

Big picture

AR/Reading Incentive Program

We want to thank all of our students for participating in our reading program this year. Due to the distance learning and not all students having access to books, we will discontinue the program for the remainder of the year. The students that had already completed minutes or points or were on track to receive the reading incentive medal at the end of 3rd quarter will receive a medal at the end of the year. We are looking forward to starting the program up again in the fall.

Class Lists/ Parent Requests

Ada-Borup Elementary School

Classroom Request Guidelines: 2020-2021

  • Parents wishing to make a request for their child for the upcoming school year must make the request in writing to the principal by submitting a completed Classroom Information form (attached below).

  • It is not possible to honor all requests.

  • Parents are cautioned not to request placement or non-placement of specific teachers. Requests that include the teacher's specific names on the Classroom Information form will be thrown out. Teacher specific requests must be communicated to the principal so a personal meeting can be scheduled to discuss the situation. Please remember that what may have been heard about a teacher or teachers from other parents or community members is specific to that parent/teacher/student situation. Just as each child is unique, so is each teacher. An experience that other parents may have had with their children may be totally different from what your child could have with the same teacher.

  • Requests for a child not to be placed with another child, for whatever reason, must be noted in writing on the Classroom Information form. Given other circumstances and teacher recommendations, it is not always possible to honor these requests.


  • All parent requests received by the deadline of May 15th, 2020, will be strongly considered, however, the final placement decision is based upon a variety of factors including but not limited to academic and social considerations, total class size, male/female ratio, and heterogeneous grouping.

  • The final decision on all student placements rests with the principal after due consideration of staff recommendations and parent requests. We will do our best to place students per parent requests, however, as stated; we may not always be able to.

  • Class placements will be communicated via mail in August.

Thank you for the support you give your child and for your cooperation and understanding.


Dear Ada-Borup,

As you look around our community, everyone has joined together, made sacrifices, and shown resilience during an unprecedented time. Parents, guardians, siblings, and students have taken on Distance Learning and have handled it incredibly well. The way our students and parents have handled themselves has been outstanding and that is a testament to the strength of our community.

Now that we are a few weeks into Distance Learning, I want to take this opportunity to give you some tips to enhance your reading instruction with your child at home. Our teachers build their lessons around the Five Building Blocks of Balanced Literacy which are; Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and the ultimate goal: COMPREHENSION.

Please do not hesitate to communicate any needs that you may have!

Go Cougars!

Kenley Wahlin

Big picture

April and May look very different

So, the decision to keep schools doing distance learning was made and shared last week. While we all hoped that would not be the case, no one is surprised. What does this look like for you and your family? For my family- my 16 year old has to step up and be the adult. Not very many families have the ability to have a child step up and help with the distance learning. New roles, new responsibilities, new challenges that have never been dealt with related to learning. However, there are resources that we have also never had access to before. One of those resources is mental health support via video. This support can be from the school social workers, the school nurse, Northwest Mental Health Center, even Doctors on Demand to name a few. Mental health support is so important at this time, because a lot of our support were friends and family when we got together. Now gatherings aren’t an option. Negative coping mechanisms such as drinking, drugs, risky behaviors- are on the rise because youth and adults are bored and isolated. Some are still socializing and being judged because of it. We are all experiencing high levels of stress. Whether it is financial, health concerns, isolation, whatever your source of stress, we know stress is toxic when not managed properly. Please let someone know if you need support of any kind. Norman Mahnomen Public Health will try to connect you with additional resources related to whatever the struggle might be.

For more information call 218-784-5425 (public health office) or 218-280-3125 (school nurse Tracy cell) or email

On a positive note- the weather is shaping up and getting out in the sun will definitely help with improving moods for many. Please reach out if you need any assistance.