The Saturday Boy

McKenna Nasseri


An 11 year old boy named Derek, has a dad who is a solider, who is flying Apache helicopters in Afghanistan. They write letters to each other to keep in touch, he keeps them in his dad's old school lunch box that he received from is dad. He knows exactly which ones to read depending on his mood. He is a very sweet and smart kid, but stuff has been happening lately. He "missed" the bus but it was Saturday, he's been having friendship problems with his friend Budgie realizing if he's a good friend or not, and knowing something about his dad that he had to hear from a news reporter on T.V. because his mom wouldn't tell him, his world falls apart from what he hears.

Author's Theme

Things may be hard, but don't give up on life no matter how hard things get.


Derek- an 11 year old boy who is caring and not willing to give up.

Mom- has a loving relationship with Derek and her husband is in the military

Budgie- Derek's "friend." isnt very nice to Derek


Derek has problems with his friend Budgie and is very upset. Derek's mom is acting weird and won't tell her son. Derek had to see something on T.V. and his world fell apart.


Derek's house and at the school.

Man vs. Society

has everything happening that he doesn't want happening, He has to go through things.
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