Culture War & Supreme Court

By: Dillon Rainbolt

U.S. v Windsor

Deals with same sex marriage which deals with culture wars because it is how those people live every day. It is their culture.

Boynton v. Virginia

Deals with racial segregation. A boy got charged with trespassing because it said whites only and he was black. This deals with culture wars because it's his race.

Goldman v. Weinberger

Denied the rights of a U.S. Air Force fighter to wear his Jewish headwear while on the job. This deals with culture wars because it is his religion.

Vasquez v. Hillery

A black man was convicted of murder and was found guilty but none of the jurors were of his race. This deals with culture wars because he was a different culture than the rest of the jurors so they found the man guilty.

My understanding

In my opinion the culture wars will never be over because every culture thinks that they're right. There will never be a point in time when every single culture is fine and not arguing because every culture wants to be the only culture. I believe the Supreme Court is the best possible way to help solve a lot of these problems.

Supreme Court Vacancies

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 81 and she says she plans on staying on the court for a while longer. The next oldest in the court is Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy who are both 78. So after those three people step down we will have to have another vote to add people to the Supreme Court. Until then Ruth is a democrat so she helps the democratic side.