Miss Nichols' Kindergarten

This Past Week

This week we have worked on letters j and k. We also have implemented the Phonics Dance--which is the training I went to last Thursday. It involves lots of repetition and movement. Our sight word this week is a.

Please be working on your student's lists that come home. We have several students moving up our ladder! When your student is ready send back the signed copy saying so! Every time they pass a list they get a Smile-O-Gram and when they pass all 8 they will get a special prize!

Next Week

In reading we will be working on letters p and u and sight word like. We will also be working on retelling a story, both fiction and nonfiction.

In math we will be working on 2D and 3D shapes.


Shruti- 6

Vidhi- 28


September 16- Walk-A-Thon Kickoff!

September 30- Walk-A-Thon

October 5- Field Trip to Hackman's --more info to come!

October 10-14- Fall Break!


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