In Search of the Universal God

The Concepts Of Religion And Global Peace

World War I and II have made man think of instilling peace in this world. The United Nations Organisation was created with the idea to check any kind of threat by any individual or any country to global peace. Many dictators have tried to create a ripple in the calm but fortunately WW III never happened. Racism on the grounds of skin colour has been a bane. Thankfully, human rights movement caught the attention of the world to stop this menace. The idea of universal brotherhood is propagated to stop any kind of abuse. Unfortunately, religion became the reason to create a chasm so deep that it is becoming more and more impossible to build a bridge across it.

Terrorism which is rocking the world has been by non-state actors. It is now no more the fight for land but the concept of conversion on the basis of religion. Religion, which was once started as a way to instil a sense of morality, has lost its ground. Every act of immorality like genocide is in the name of religion. Surprisingly, every religion practiced on this planet rests on the universal fact of One God. Yet the fight to prove the supremacy of each religion’s God seems the final destination to achieve salvation.

A few fanatics of each religion are taking the world by storm. Intolerance in the name of religion is the order of the day. Freedom of speech is curbed in the name of sentimental hurt. What is important is to find a way for global peace. Religion has given birth to many sects that in some way or the other, subscribe to either of the beliefs already existing. These sects are the brain child of some God-man/woman. They all claim of giving peace to the disturbed human race trying hard to adapt to the changing life-style. In this constant internal conflict of man, there is an eternal search for peace of mind which is promised by these sects. They also claim to a copyright to certain practices in the form of meditation and the like, to be the one point solution to any problem. Conflict resolution is what they all claim and aim for. The conflict belongs to not just two individual or two groups or nations but actually implies a person’s internal conflict. The need of the hour is to resolve this conflict thereby, prevailing peace within and to society at large.

Surprisingly, if all the propagators of religion of the world are asked to write a gist of what they believe in, they would end up writing identical essays. The different names of Gods and the differing practice methods are all the different sides of the same coin. To all voracious readers, the work of Robert Bach in Illusion is an eye opener. The concept of one God is universally accepted but it is only an egoist’s fight, clamouring to prove supremacy of one over others.

Religion is not about a particular way of praying or celebrating a festival but the way to teach one the path of godliness that is accepted by society and helps in making a peaceful atmosphere. The site is an effort to find the unison of all religion by adopting an alien religion.

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