The Sophomore Compass

Helpful Information from the Ray-Pec Counseling Department

Exploring KC

Check out this great program that allows students the opportunity to experience different careers and see what fits them!

AHEC Career Enhancement Scholars

If you have a student with a serious interest in a health career, The ACES program is now accepting applications. AHEC Career Enhancement Scholars (ACES) is a year-long, extra-curricular activity that will expose students to health careers and prepare them for a competitive program such as medical, dental or nursing school as well as careers in the allied health field. ACES students receive one-on-one career counseling, portfolio development, HIPAA training, career exploration, leadership, networking, school tours and other hands-on activities. SPACE IS LIMITED and students must meet the following to be accepted:
· Minimum 3.0 GPA (unofficial transcript is fine)

· Letter of recommendation from teacher or counselor

· Personal statement/one page essay on their career interest

· Current freshmen, sophomores, or juniors

The program is held on Saturdays and during the academic year September – May. Students also become eligible for summer camps and internship opportunities.

If interested, please complete the attached application. Stephanie Taylor, the AHEC director, would also be happy to give more information on the program. She can be reached at or (660) 251-0519. There is a small fee ($40 to enroll, $20 per workshop) but students on free-reduced lunch can have the fee reduced and/or waived depending on financial situation.


Sophomore Year Timeline of Important Dates

The primary focus of your sophomore year should be on taking rigorous courses, keeping your grade point average up, and getting involved in extracurricular activities, and preparing to take the PSAT and ASPIRE tests.

Fall (August-October)

___Work hard in your classes! Every course you take and grade you earn will be reflected permanently on your high school transcript. Enrolling in challenging curriculum gives you a great advantage in college and motivates you to do your best! Colleges are looking to see that you are taking rigorous coursework!

___Review the Ray-Pec High School Career and Educational Planning Guide to ensure that your Personal Plan of Study is planned out to help you achieve your college and career readiness goals.

___ Review the International Baccalaureate Program requirements and courses on the website in order to make sure you are in the right classes and meeting the requirements.

___ Get to know your teachers and counselor(s)! They will be the ones writing letters of recommendation for you in the future and can help you with questions or uncertainty about your future.

___ Update your personal portfolio throughout the year with all of your achievements, honors, and best works from all of your classes. Do NOT wait until the last minute to do this! This will help you as you start building a HS resume.

___Visit the Ray-Pec High School Counseling Center to familiarize yourself with college and career resources as well as the A+ program.

___ Register and prepare for the ASPIRE (pre-ACT) and PSAT (pre-SAT) – administered in October.

___Visit with your counselor (s) about the A+ program regularly to ensure all of your A+ requirements are being met (attendance requirements, 50 hours of tutoring, Community Service). Do NOT wait until your senior year to complete all of your 50 tutoring hours.

___ Continue your involvement or get involved in a club or activity that showcase your skills and passions! Try to obtain a leadership position! Obtain a list of clubs and activities from the Ray-Pec High School Counseling Center(s).

___Volunteer in your school and in the community and to earn community service hours. Volunteering is a great way to build your HS resume. Log sheets are available in the Ray-Pec High School Counseling Center(s). Be sure to turn in summer hours by the end of August.

___ Research college and career interests as well as options on the Ray-Pec Counseling website and Missouri Connections.

___ Check your school email regularly. Important announcements, college & career readiness events, updates, and other information will be emailed to you frequently.

___Pay careful attention to school announcements regarding college planning. Look at the calendar on the Ray-Pec Counseling website for important events/dates as well.

___College athlete night?

___Attend the National College Fair at the Kansas City Convention Center, Oct 5 & 6, 2014. Visit for details.

___Log into your Missouri Connections site to complete. Review your Learning Styles Inventory and Career Interest Inventory (redo if necessary). Use Missouri Connections to

learn more about colleges, careers, scholarships, resume building, etc.

___Explore and learn more about these junior/senior programs: Summit Tech Academy and CASS Career Center. Attend an open house at Summit Tech Academy to learn more about their programs. The link to more information is