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Lakeview Staff Newsletter - March 30


I think the word "Connect" might be the most important word in the world right now. It could mean many things:

• A need to connect with the grocery store to schedule a pick up

Connecting with relatives more often who are truly shut in

Connecting families with resources when they are impacted by illness or loss of job

Connect-4 ... and all the other games we are playing right now

• The way we connect in a virtual meeting

• Trying to Connect all those puzzles pieces as we keep our minds busy

• Making connections online through social media

Connecting with a doctor when you are sick

• ??? - I bet you can think of more examples

Our goal at Lakeview this year was to "Be responsive to student academic needs so that everyone meets or exceeds expected growth."

In the current environment, I think our goal is simple ... to Connect. We need to find ways to connect with families - to make sure we have that human touch (without touching!) - that creates enduring community.

So here's a question that was posed to me last week in (where else?) a virtual meeting of about 20 principals from around the state:

How does our collective purpose as a school become more contagious than COVID-19?

Our goal at Lakeview was to be responsive. In order to be responsive, we need to connect more than ever. Especially at the beginning of a journey whose path just isn't clear. Finding a way to be connected with every family is what is going to be more "contagious" than any virus. What do we want the culture of our school to feel like at the other end of this journey? The good news is that educators at Lakeview are incredible at building relationships! Keep connecting with families and we'll talk more about this at our staff meetings on Wednesday.

Connect, part 2

I am going to try several ways to Connect with families and staff.

Daily videos - I have started putting a daily video on the Lakeview homepage. I am going to really try to keep up with it. (I might be talking to Wilson the volleyball if this drags on too long.)

Connect with staff - I think it is incredibly important that we create a space to chat, face-to-face (virtually) without any "shop talk". Therefore, starting on Tuesday, March 31, every day from 3:15-3:45 will be a Google Hangouts Meet with a very open-ended topic - a nice way to end the workday. Join them all if you want; don't join any; join only ones that you think sound interesting. I'll put the topic in the Calendar invite - all you need to do is click the invite for the day and join. I am not going to lead or facilitate, but I will participate. Here are the topics for this week:

Tuesday, March 31 - What are you reading?

Wednesday, April 1 - What are you cooking? (got a recipe to share?)

Thursday, April 2 - What are you redecorating?

Friday, April 3 - What podcast or website have you found?

Rounding - I will be inviting people that I did not have the chance to round with to choose a 10 minute slot for a Google Hangout for rounding. I originally considered a Google Form for this, but it's too important for that. We need to connect to make rounding valuable.

TSS and Coronavirus

This article was sent to me. It is called A Trauma-Informed Approach to Teaching Through Coronavirus. Who ever thought we'd connect those two topics? Enjoy the article.

Learning Packets & virtual Art

We distributed so many learning packets on Monday during lunch. They are also available on the district website and the Lakeview website. Packets will continue to be available during lunch distribution (11:30-Noon at Lakeview). When you are connecting with families, think about how you might record yourself teaching one of the activities and get it to your students.

The elementary art team has put together a fantastic website for virtual art lessons. If you haven't checked this out, it is a great example of how we can all work together to connect with families on valuable learning experiences. (And now we know how the art teachers would answer the writing prompt "How I spent my Spring break".) Thanks, Kasia and team!

Structural Items

Link to this week's family newsletter - doesn't exist right now, in order to keep only the essential communications from the district office "front and center" to families

Personal Day Blackouts - here is a link to blackout days for elementary personal days.