How are bulletproof vest made?

Jaquez Kelly

Raw Materials

''Bulletproof vests are generally made out of layer upon layer of High Tensile Strength fibers.'' ''These fibers work together to share the force required to stop bullets.''

''A bulletproof vest consists of a panel, a vest-shaped sheet of advanced plastics polymers that is composed of many layers of either Kevlar, Spectra Shield, or, in other countries, Twaron (similar to Kevlar) or Bynema (similar to Spectra).'' ''The layers of woven Kevlar are sewn together using Kevlar thread, while the nonwoven Spectra Shield is coated and bonded with resins such as Kraton and then sealed between two sheets of polyethylene film.''

In my own words

The vest is made out of layers on layers on different martial including: Kevlar thread,Spectra shield, or many other different martial. The martial is bonded then sealed between two sheets of polyethylene. The martial will work together to force the bullet to stop so any death will not be a factor if you were shot with a bulletproof vest on.("What Are Bullet Proof Vests Made Of'').


I learned a lot about how bulletproof vest are made. I didn't know that it was a lot to it in making bulletproof vest, I didn't know they used layers of woven Kevlar , spectra shield or two sheets of polyethylene film.

Quality Control

''Testing (wet or dry) a vest entails wrapping it around a modeling clay dummy.'' ''A firearm of the correct type with a bullet of the correct type is then shot at a velocity suitable for the classification of the vest.'' ''Each shot should be three inches (7.6 cm) away from the edge of the vest and almost two inches from (five cm) away from previous shots.'' ''Six shots are fired, two at a 30-degree angle of incidence, and four at a 0-degree angle of incidence.'' ''One shot should fall on a seam.'' ''This method of shooting forms a wide triangle of bullet holes. The vest is then turned upside down and shot the same way, this time making a narrow triangle of bullet holes.'' ''To pass the test, the vest should show no sign of penetration.'' ''That is, the clay dummy should have no holes or pieces of vest or bullet in it.'' ''Though the bullet will leave a dent, it should be no deeper than 1.7 inches (4.4 cm).''

In my own words

The vest is placed on a dummy and is shot at 30-degree angles. The vest is tested wet/dry, it is shot 6-times. Then the vest is put upside down and shot again the same way as before.For the vest to completely past it must not show any penetration.("How Bulletproof Vest Is Made'').


When I saw this information I was hit with knowledge again because I didn't know they did this much just to test a bulletproof vest. I learned that they tested them wet and dry with a firearm just 3 inches away using six bullets two at a 30-degree angle. When I saw this I knew all about that.

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