The Best of the First 13 Colonies

Come to Massachusetts!

Here at Massachusetts, we are right on the Atlantic Ocean, so whenever you need a break, you can come to the beach and fish! We have the first representative democracy, so you can vote for the person you want to have running your colony. You will have all of your basic rights and you will have the right to a fair trial, so you will never be cheated into jail.

About Our Colony

The founder of our colony, a group of Puritans, came to the New World from England because they wanted to escape religious persecution in England. There captain, John Smith, lead them on their ship called "The Mayflower" in 1620. 9 years later, another group of Puritans came and founded what we know and love today, Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Why were we Founded?

The first Puritans that came to North America because they wanted to practice their religion in their own way, without any of England's restrictions. They also wanted to create a place for people that didn't want to follow England's church.

What Kind of People Live Here?

When we first go to our colony, there were Native Americans that greeted us and helped us survive in our first winter, which was way more harsh than any of us expected. There were may tribes that lived in our area. Other puritans that heard of our colony, came to it because they shared the same beliefs as us.

Our founder, John Winthrop, founded our colony in 1630.

A corn farmer named Reverend John Cotton gave a speech to a large group of people about his promise to his plantation.


Our land is fertile and covered with rich pastures for all of you cattle and great big forests that you can get wood from. Our beaches have nice sandy cliffs if you want to go cliff diving!
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Our Great Economy

The super nice colonists here like to grow food like corn for their families and their local communities. The colonists here also raise cattle, and forest timber for lumber. Some other colonists are very smart shopkeepers or tradesmen in small towns and areas, while other people are into shipping and making use of natural port along the bays and beaches.

Our Outstanding Religion

Most of the people that come to Massachusetts because they want to have "purity of conscience and liberty of worship". All of the laws here are based on all of our religious beliefs. All of the colonists here center religion in their lives. All of us here believe that we are setting up a kingdom for God here on earth, instead of heaven, and the only people that can be there are the believers.
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Our Almost Perfect Government

Massachusetts has the great government of theocracy. If you don't know what that means, it means that we are ruled by people who believe they received there power from God. Although only white men who are in good standing with the church can vote, we always end up with great ministers. Probably in close years, our great colony will most likely end up with colonial representatives that we elect at annual local town meetings.


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