WELCOME TO 2017-2018


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Greetings Saints Family!

Can you believe that school is just around the corner? I hope you are spending a lot of quality time relaxing together as a family before your child heads back to the classroom and you prepare to pack lunches and brave carpool. I have enjoyed looking at the vacation pictures many of you have shared on our Facebook page. Personally, I am looking forward to seeing everyone in our buildings again and hearing all those eager young voices. Interestingly, the parents I have run into this summer are looking forward for school to start, unlike the children, who seem to have a different opinion.

Every year we start by sharing a theme with you that illustrates our focus for the year and identifies our strong commitment to Catholic education. For a few years we have even shared the same theme as our parish. These past several months I have prayed and listened for something that stood out and captured what is so special about this school and community. I wanted to choose something that spoke to our mission and described what we do here every day. The same phrase kept coming up with every speaker I heard and in every scripture passage I read. It was the idea that the Holy Spirit called each of us to this place and has a plan for us, even if we are not quite sure of what it is ourselves. We were meant to be here and influencing these young people with the gifts we have been given. This is our vocation and mission as educators. As parents, you are your child's first teacher and I'm sure you would agree that there is nothing more important than raising our children to fulfill what God has planned for them. You have made a commitment as parents to send your child to a Catholic School. You have sacrificed for your child to be here and not only are you seeking the best education, you want them to grow up and make a difference in the world. That is a lofty goal and one we are committed to as well. That is why our mission statement calls on us to educate the whole Christian person in body, mind and spirit and work as an instrument of the Church. We share the responsibility in working together towards this goal.

By this point, you may have guessed already, but our new theme is simply, We Are Called. I feel like this phrase captures our tremendous strength in the area of service to others and ties in beautifully with our school namesake, the Deacon Saint Laurence, who was committed to helping those in need. As we start the this fall, I would encourage you to think about what you are being called to do to help us further the mission of the Church and how you can work as part of our trinity of parent, child and educator this year. We are very blessed to have such an involved and generous community and are looking forward to a wonderful start to the school year. The staff has worked hard over the summer to prepare for your child and we cannot wait to share all the great things that are happening at St. Laurence. With that said, we want you to know that we listened to you and appreciate the feedback you provided on the parent survey last spring. We are always striving to provide the very best education for our students and look forward to unveiling our new Strategic Plan, along with the addition of some great new resources. Both the results of the parent survey and the Strategic Plan will be posted to our website in August, so please look for those soon. As part of our trinity, you may even see something you are "called" to do in order to help us meet those goals.

I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer together before you start having your child try on their uniforms or determine whether the new shoes fit the dress code. Please take the time to read through the rest of this letter carefully so that you are fully prepared for the start of the new school year. We have made some major changes to the early dismissal times and Visiting Day is a little different this year. We look forward to seeing all of you very soon and thank you for allowing us to answer the call and work with your child this upcoming year.

God Bless,

Suzanne Barto

Friday, August 11th Parent and Student Visiting Day

1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Students do not need to come in uniform and families should stop by the classrooms and the gym during those hours.

FYI-Teachers will not be making individual phone calls this year to introduce themselves. Families will be notified of their homeroom teacher via an email just prior to Visiting Day. It has become increasingly difficult to reach families by phone and with the usage of social media to share information immediately, many of our families didn't like to wait until the teacher had a chance to call. Please make sure your information is correct on RenWeb so you do not miss this important email!

Orientation Meetings 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. for:

ALL Prek and new incoming Kindergarten Families-Parish Hall

ALL New Elementary Families-Main Campus BASC Room

ALL 5th Grade and ALL New 6th-8th Grade Families-Dining Hall

Please be sure to stop by the gym to pick up the following:

  • New RenWeb information-needed to check grades and stay informed
  • Carpool Number pick up
  • Sami's Catering and BASC information
  • Raptor system entrance by scanning your driver's license
  • Booster Club spirit items sold and Volunteer sign-up
  • PTO Birthday Balloons and Library Birthday Book Club Orders
  • Pick up your pre-ordered yearbook
  • Sign up for the Annual Golf Tournament to support Tuition Assistance
  • Pay semester or annual tuition (and/or late fee of $25)
  • Purchase PE uniforms and/or Used Uniform Closet items
  • Complete paperwork and forms all in one day and be done!

Monday, August 14th

7:40 a.m. Parents of new students can walk their child into the building today

(Parish Hall for ECC)

1:45 p.m. Early Dismissal for ECC and Elementary

2:00 p.m. Early Dismissal for Middle School

Tuesday, August 15th (Full Day and Holy Day of Obligation)

Mass for Feast of the Assumption for grades 1st-8th only (official uniforms)

Wednesday, August 16th

Jean/Spirit Day

Friday, August 18th

All School Liturgy led by the Faculty of SLCS (official uniforms)

Thursday, August 24th-Parent Information Night (PIN) for ECC and Elementary

ECC parents

6:00-7:00 p.m. meet in the classrooms

7:00-7:45 p.m. General Assembly in the School Gym

Elementary parents

7:00-7:45 p.m. General Assembly in the School Gym

7:45-9:00 p.m. in the classrooms

Thursday, August 31st-Parent Information Night (PIN) for Middle School

6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. General Assembly in the Gym followed by a chance to walk through your child's schedule and visit the teachers

Friday, September 1st

All School Mass led by 6C

Monday, September 4th

Labor Day Holiday-No School

  • Melissa De La Pena - Kindergarten Teacher
  • Kelley Brege - 4th Grade Teacher
  • Brittany Kettle - PE Teacher
  • Erin Lagasca - 6th Grade Science and 8th Grade Math
  • Kevin White - 7th and 8th Grade Religion
  • Wei Ni Tsai - SPICE Paraprofessional
  • Jesus Pacheco - 5th - 8th Grade Band Teacher
  • Brianna Nelson - Instructional Coordinator PreK-4th Grade
  • Lindsey Vainstein - BASC Manager/Instructional Asst. for PE and Resource part-time
  • Jeanne Hollkamp - 2nd Grade Asst. and BASC Supervisor part-time
  • Renee Triggs - Long term sub for Mrs. Hovde while she is out on maternity leave

We are excited to share the following with you!


  • Renovations to our middle school were done with new paint and carpeting added in the 5th and 6th grade classrooms, as well as the Asst. Principal & Admin. Asst. offices.
  • 6th Grade lockers were relocated from inside the classrooms to the hallway for more freedom of movement.
  • New sign in parking lot to advertise special events, courtesy of our generous PTO
  • STREAM Lab for 21st Century Learning skills was added upstairs near the band hall for 1st-8th grade. This space will be used for all elementary and middle school classes as teachers work in collaboration with Mrs. Quatrini, our Enrichment Specialist. Classes will rotate through the lab on a regular basis to work on 21st Century Learning skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.


  • RenWeb is our new School Management System. This includes ParentsWeb. All communication and grades will be accessed through this online system.
  • A Simple Solutions Math Resource will be added with spiraling instruction to allow for more reinforcement and rigor in 1st-8th grade math skills.
  • A Reflex Math online resource was purchased to be used at home and school for math facts memorization in grades 1st-5th. Grade level goals will be communicated so that facts are solidified before entering middle school.
  • The focus this year will be on Study Skills in middle school during Advisory time.


  • Early Dismissal times have changed to 1:45 p.m. for ECC and 2:00 p.m. for Middle School. This is to allow for more instructional time and remain in compliance with our accreditation through TCCED.
  • There are two noon dismissals this year:
  1. Grandparent's Day 9/29/2017
  2. Spring Conference Day (Holy Thursday) 3/29/2018 MS dismissed at 12:15 p.m.
  • We do not have Friday All School Liturgies on:
  1. Nov. 3rd, due to All Saints Mass on Wednesday, Nov. 1st
  2. Friday, February 16th due to Ash Wednesday on February 14, 2018

Please check the calendar closely!

  • The second day of school is a Holy Day of Obligation (Feast of the Assumption) and we will be taking our 1st-8th grade students only. Please have your child wear his/her official uniform. The school will not be leading the Mass that day.



Parents will inform the administration if their child has a serious or possibly life-threatening chronic illness or condition before entry into the school. Prior to the first day of school, parents will meet with the nurse and appropriate staff to develop an “Individualized Health Care Plan” that will include instructions for observation of the illness, care and treatment, medication orders and special instructions such as calling EMS or parent notification. If your child is sent to the school office because of serious illness or injury, you or the parent’s designee on the emergency card will be notified. It will be your responsibility to get medical attention unless the emergency is so great that your child must be taken immediately from school for treatment.

For the protection of all students, the following guidelines have been set up and will be followed at all times. A child having one or more of the following symptoms will be sent home:

  • fever of 100 degrees or higher
  • suspected contagious disease
  • vomiting or diarrhea
  • general malaise (feels too badly to remain in school)


● Parents/guardians or designated adults must deliver and pick up medicine to be administered. Parents/guardians are encouraged to schedule the administration of student medicine so that medication brought to school is kept to a minimum. Middle School students requiring snacks during the school day must provide documentation.

● Medication (prescription and non-prescription) may be administered to students only upon request by the parent/guardian AND physician. A copy of the form for Physician’s Request for Administration of Medication by School Personnel is at the end of this handbook. A duplicate can be made. The form MUST include a physician’s signature.

● All medication must be in original containers properly labeled in English.

●It is the responsibility of the student to report to the designated area to take medication.

● Asthma medication can be carried and self-administered by a student if proper procedures are followed. These procedures include filling out the “Medication Permission Form and Individualized Health Care Plan for Self-Administration of Asthma Medication by a Student”, which may be obtained in the clinic. These forms also require the prescribing physician’s signature.


Students are always expected to be neat, clean, and well groomed. Uniforms are required at all times and must meet the requirements listed in this section. All garments must be labeled with the student’s name. Official uniforms are worn for school Masses, prayer services, most field trips, and special occasions. Student members of national organizations such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts may wear the national adopted uniform on meeting days. Notice will be given when any part of the school uniform is faded, too short, or too small with the expectation that it will be replaced. Parents and teachers are expected to help in adhering to the Dress Code Policy. Students that violate this policy repeatedly shall be considered for disciplinary action. Parents of these students will be notified. Our official school uniform provider is Parker Uniforms. An Official Uniform may be worn on any day, and they are required on Mass days, on field trips as noted by the teacher, and for special occasions.

Elementary Uniform: Preschool-4th grades

Girl’s Official Uniform

  • Parker Uniforms plaid jumper (2” above the knee) with the school emblem and privacy shorts (privacy shorts may be black, navy, or red)
  • White short-sleeved or long-sleeved uniform blouse with red piping
  • Red tie
  • Red cardigan/Navy monogrammed polar fleece jacket or Saints zip-up jacket
  • White, navy, or red solid-colored socks, or
  • Red, White, Navy seamless tights with socks (no leggings)
  • Flat-heeled black, white, brown, red, or navy shoes (ECC must be rubber-soled)
  • Black, navy/royal, white, red or gray athletic shoes with a solid color base (may have accents of red, white, navy/royal blue, gray, or black). No other colors are permitted

Boy’s Official Uniform

  • Parker Uniforms navy walking shorts
  • Parker Uniforms navy long pants (optional through 4th grade)
  • Parker Uniforms plaid dress shirt with the school emblem
  • Solid brown, navy or black belt if pants/shorts have belt loops
  • Red cardigan/Navy monogrammed polar fleece jacket or Saints zip-up jacket
  • White, navy, or black solid-colored socks
  • Flat-heeled black, white, brown,navy/royal blue or navy shoes (ECC must be rubber-soled)
  • Black, navy/royal, white, red or gray athletic shoes with a solid color base (may have accents of red, white, navy/royal blue, gray or black) No other colors are permitted

Non-Official Uniform Options (Boys/Girls)
  • School sweatshirt (not hoodie)
  • Parker Uniforms red or white monogrammed/logo shirts
  • Long or short sleeve undershirts must be Red, White or Navy (not black)
  • Girls only: Parker plaid/navy skort (2”above the knee) and Parker Uniforms sailor shirt with tie
  • Boys only: Parker Uniforms blue and red striped rugby shirt

Middle School Uniform: 5th – 8th grades

Girl’s Official Uniform

  • Socks: White/black socks must be worn daily. Red/white/navy tights on cold days are allowed. (no leggings)
  • Blouse: White, front-buttoned, short-sleeved with school emblem (monogrammed collar still allowed) for official uniform days. White/red polo shirts with school emblem may be worn on other days.
  • Skirts: Navy, pleated skirt no shorter than two inches above the knee (all the way around). Girls must wear modesty shorts under the skirt. Modesty shorts may be black, navy, or red. Boxers are considered to be underwear and not shorts.
  • Shoes: Shoes should have a solid base color and be black, white, navy/royal blue, red, or gray athletic shoes with non-marking soles. Accent laces and trim must be within this bank of colors. Shoe laces must be laced tightly and securely. Boots, high-top tennis shoes, shoes with wheels, backless shoes, open-toed shoes, and light-up shoes are not allowed. Other choices may include tan/brown/black/navy loafer shoes or solid colored Toms (see colors listed).
  • Sweaters: Parker Uniforms red pullover, V-neck sweater for colder months is allowed. (navy pull-over still allowed)
  • If sweatshirts are worn, they must be removed upon entering the Church.

Boy’s Official Uniform

  • Socks: White/black socks must be worn daily. Socks of other colors may be worn on Free Dress days.
  • Slacks: Navy Parker uniform pants/shorts; faded, torn or unsewn pants/shorts are not allowed. Shorts and slacks must be belted and worn at the waist. Shorts must touch the top of the knee and can be no longer than the top of the knee. Slacks are part of the official uniform required for Mass.
  • Shirts: White polo or red polo, shirts with school emblem for regular uniform days; striped blue/white shirts with school emblem for official uniform days must be tucked in pants so that the belt is visible. Undershirts must be white (other colors not allowed) and plain with no writing/design.
  • Belt: Black/brown/navy; must be visible
  • Shoes: Shoes should have a solid base color and be black, white, navy/royal, red or gray athletic shoes with non-marking soles. Accent laces/trim must be within this bank of colors. Shoe laces must be laced tightly and securely. Boots, high-top tennis shoes, shoes with wheels, backless shoes, open-toed shoes, and light-up shoes are not allowed. Other choices may include tan/brown/black/navy loafer shoes and solid colored Toms (see colors listed above).
  • Sweaters: Parker Uniforms navy cardigan for Mass days is allowed.
  • If sweatshirts are worn, they must be removed upon entering the Church.

Non-Official Uniform Options (Boys/Girls)

  • Parker Uniforms navy walking shorts (2” above the knee)
  • Parker Uniforms navy long pants (optional for girls)
  • Parker Uniforms red or white monogrammed/logo shirts
  • Parker Uniforms red vest or V-neck sweater (navy is still allowed)
  • St. Laurence school sweatshirts
  • Parker Uniforms Navy Skort (2” above the knee)
  • Boys: Parker Uniforms short or long sleeve striped rugby shirt
  • Undershirts must be white; Long Sleeve undershirts must be Red, White or Navy

Additional Guidelines

  • P.E. uniforms are required for 5th - 8th grades. The P.E. uniform consists of a t-shirt and shorts that must be purchased through the P.E. department. Appropriate athletic shoes with school colors must also be worn at all levels for P.E. Failure to dress out for P.E. will affect a student’s grade in this subject.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times with the belt showing. An official school sweater, sweatshirt, hoodie, and jacket are the only articles allowed in the classroom as covering over the school uniform. Non-uniform coats and jackets worn in cold weather must be removed in the classroom and hung on coat hooks. Sweatshirts may not be tied around the waist.
  • Boots, sandals, backless shoes, open-toed, platform or high-heeled shoes, high-top (to ankles) shoes, shoes with wheels, or “light up” tennis shoes, or shoelaces that do not match shoes are not permitted.
  • Watches, a small ring (one on each hand), a single, simple bracelet (in school colors or gold/silver), and religious medals or crosses may be worn. We want students to be able to freely express their Catholic faith, and we want to ensure that articles worn are not disruptive to the classroom learning environment. Therefore, any necklace larger than a half dollar size needs to be tucked under the shirt. Girls may wear one pair of stud earrings or hoop earrings (not to exceed the size of a dime) in the ear lobe. Multiple piercings are not allowed. Ankle bracelets are not allowed. Any accessory with internet capabilities and/or that records or photographs is not permitted at school.
  • Make-up and nail polish may not be worn by elementary students. Middle School girls may wear clear or pale pink nail polish. Eighth grade girls may wear light make-up during the last quarter of the school year. Artificial fingernails and self-tanning are not permitted.
  • Hair must be well-groomed and may not be excessive in length or unusual in style. Boys must wear their hair so that it does not touch their shirt collar, hang over the ears or eyebrows. During the last quarter of eighth grade, hair length requirements for boys will be relaxed. Hair accessories for girls must be simple and should match uniform colors (red, white, black, navy). Dyed or highlighted hair, make-up, or styles which may be distracting to members of the faculty or student body will not be tolerated, and students will be sent home until the distracting appearance is remedied.
  • Students coming to school out of uniform or inappropriately dressed for the day will call their parents to bring the appropriate garments. If parents cannot be reached an attempt to provide the student with the appropriate garments will be made through lost and found and/or used uniform supply. Elementary and Middle School students may serve detention for non-compliance with uniform regulations.


On non-uniform days, all clothing must be modest and appropriate for wear in the Catholic school setting. Tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, midriff shirts, short shorts, overly tight jeans, leggings, or skirts shorter than uniform code, or any garments exposing an inappropriate amount of a student’s body are not permitted at any school event. Ankle length leggings may be worn only under skirts or dresses. Jeans must be neat and clean: no tears, open holes, or rips. Jeans should be hemmed and in good condition. Sweat pants and pajama bottoms are not allowed. No advertisements, offensive or inappropriate language, graphics, or symbols may be worn. Backless shoes and open-toed shoes are not allowed. Hats/caps are not for indoor wear and are not allowed in the classroom unless specifically allowed by the school’s administration for a special occasion.


Shoes should have a SOLID BASE COLOR and be black, white, navy/royal blue, red, or gray shoes with non-marking soles. Accent laces and trim must be within this bank of colors. Shoe laces must be laced tightly and securely. Boots, high-top tennis shoes, shoes with wheels, backless shoes, open-toed shoes, and light-up shoes are not allowed. Other choices may include tan/brown/black/navy loafer shoes or solid colored Toms (see colors listed).

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The carpool system provides easy access for arrival and dismissal. For safety purposes, it is important that rules below and traffic flow patterns and assignments detailed in this handbook be followed. State law mandates that cell phone use be prohibited in school zones. Additional information will be communicated with you regarding changes in procedure whenever necessary.

Campus Layout/Traffic Flow

The campus layout and traffic flow give an aerial view of the buildings and grounds. The traffic flow pattern will be followed at all times. For safety and expediency, ECC carpools will enter from Sweetwater Blvd. and exit via the South driveway onto Austin Pkwy. Elementary and Middle School carpools will enter and exit via the North driveway. Please observe the NO PARKING areas at all times and refrain from use of your cell phone while in the carpool line...it is the law!

Morning Drop Off

Do not enter the South driveway between the Parish Hall and Chapel during morning arrival (approximately 7:30-8:10 a.m.). Please be extremely cautious while driving on campus at all times, especially during morning arrival at Mass time. We ask that parents on the main campus cross under the portico when coming to the office. Please do not cross in between cars.

ECC Carpool

Carpools with ECC students (ECC students only and ECC carpools with elementary and/or middle school students) will enter via Sweetwater Blvd. and deliver ALL children (including elementary and middle schoolers) to the Parish Hall entrance and exit the campus via the South driveway onto Austin Parkway. Older students will be crossed to the main building.

Elementary and Middle School Carpools

Will enter via the North driveway and form a carpool line along the back fence, looping the parking lot, in order to drop off at the main entrance.

· Cars dropping off children must be in single file at all times and drive completely forward to all drop-off points where a volunteer will open the car doors curbside.

· ALL students arriving between 7:35-8:00 a.m. (ECC begins drop off at 7:40) should be dropped off at the assigned carpool entrance. Preschool and Kindergarten staff meet students in the Parish Hall, and students then proceed to their classrooms. Elementary and middle school students report directly to their classrooms. With the exception of the main entrances, all other doors are locked at all other times for the safety of students/staff.

· Adults only should retrieve book bags from the vehicle trunk.

· Students should remain in their vehicle until a volunteer opens the car door.

· Before and After School Community students should refer to the Before and After School Community Handbook for arrival and dismissal procedures.

· Students dropped off early will be sent to the BASC room and parents will be billed for the registration fee and time as all students MUST be supervised at ALL times while on the school campus.

Afternoon Pick-Up

Please observe NO PARKING areas at all times. No one is permitted to enter the South driveway during afternoon dismissal (approximately 2:45-3:45 p.m.). Please do not arrive for afternoon dismissal procedures until 2:45 PM as we need to keep the parking lot clear for business and getting in line too early can cause a potential hazard.

  • ECC CARPOOL: Parents of mixed carpools comprised of ECC students and elementary students will use the Sweetwater Blvd. entrance and pick up ALL children (including elementary students) in the carpool at the designated Parish Hall Entrance and exit the South driveway onto Austin Parkway.
  • CARPOOL A: will enter via the North driveway to form a carpool line to pick up at the main entrance and obey the traffic manager’s directives to EXIT via the North driveway. Please form a line of cars in the middle lane of the church parking lot and then proceed to the traffic lane next to the school building.
  • CARPOOL B: will enter via the North driveway at 3:30 p.m. and stack in the faculty parking area only after the conclusion of the elementary carpool. Parents of mixed carpools comprised of ECC/Elementary and Middle School students are asked to join the Carpool B line and go through the Middle School carpool line.
  • Students leaving at regular dismissal times leave the building through assigned exits to the carpool lines. Middle School students are dismissed 15 minutes later than preschool and elementary students. Siblings of Middle School students in grades 1-4 will remain supervised in a designated place until middle school dismissal. Cars must display a carpool card with large bold numbers that can be read easily. Cars picking up students must be in single file at all times. Please follow the instructions of the adult traffic director at all times.



Students will be brought to your car and assisted by an adult. Occasionally, parents may not be able to sit through the carpool line. In such cases notify your child’s teacher (not through emails) or the school office early in the day. You may pick up your child in the office before 2:45 p.m. Students picked up after 2:45 must be picked up through the regular carpool line. Please be cautious of traffic at all times when crossing from the parking lot to the school.

Students will not be allowed to leave with anyone other than their assigned carpool without written permission from a parent or guardian. In order to keep calls to the school office to a minimum, carpool changes must be of an emergency nature only. Calls to the school office for changes must be made before 10:30 a.m. for morning dismissal or 2:30 p.m. for afternoon dismissal.

· Students will not be allowed to walk to the public library. Students needing to work at the public library must make arrangements with carpools to be dropped off there.

· Students walking or riding bikes will be escorted to the crosswalk at Austin Parkway and Sweetwater Blvd. Walkers and bike riders must have a permission form filed in the front office.

A late charge of $1 per minute will be billed to parents when students are not picked up within the 15-minute window of time which begins with the dismissal bell. Only one warning will be issued before charges begin. This policy also applies to dismissal from detention, athletic events, club activities, and after school classes.

  • In severe weather conditions, students will remain in place on campus where they are currently situated. Children will not be walked to ECC from the Main Campus or vice versa. All after school activities will be suspended until a determination can be made as to whether the activity will take place. When weather conditions have been cleared, regular dismissal procedures will take place.


At the beginning of the school year, walkers’/bikers’ release forms should be signed by the parent and turned in to the school office for only those students who reside within one mile of the school and who walk or ride their bikes home. Students will be released at their dismissal time and will be escorted to their dismissal locations. Behavioral expectations extend to students while under the supervision of staff during arrival and/or dismissal.

Bicycle Safety

No riding of bicycles on the sidewalks or in the back parking lot is permitted. Students must wear helmets and are to walk bikes to and from the bicycle racks. Students may not ride through the car lines. Bicycle riders will be escorted by an adult to the intersection of Sweetwater and Austin Parkway for dismissal.

All walkers and bicycle riders must have a carpool number and alternate plans for inclement weather days. They will not be dismissed to travel in weather that is questionable to their safety.

SLCS Carpool Procedures
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Mission Statement

As a pastoral instrument of the Church, St. Laurence Catholic School educates and develops the whole Christian person in body, mind, and spirit through the trinity of parent, child, and educator.