Elementary School Teacher

By: Brooke Brown

TCU College Courses

At TCU, I will have to take 124 hours in order to get my degree in education. TCU has required classes for their students. Some of the classes I would be required to take there is, child development, lab science, play and creativity, and student teaching. Once I get all my classes done, I have to take a PPR EC-6 generalist E-6 teachrr certification test before I can legally become a elementary teacher.


It's beneficial to plan your high school courses in relation to the area of career you want, because it will help you be prepared for your college classes and it will help you when you get the job you want because you would've had more experience and more preparation time. Finding a college that has the career plan that you want is important. It will help you know what you need and have to do in order to graduate, and it is more organized then trying to find a college that doesn't have plan you want, you'll have to rush to try to get everything together and you may miss a few things that are essential to the career you want. Researching the job you want will help you know what to expect, such as salary, hours, if they will provided you insurance, ect. By completing these activities I learned that there are more things I need to get ready for such as classes I need to take, I could start thinking of classroom activities to be ahead, I learned that I'll have to be patient, learn how to handle kids when they act up, or get sick, and I learned that not everything will go according to plan. I'll have to learn how to handle things if they don't end up the way I planned it to be. To help achieve being an elementary teacher I can stay asking my mom, sister, and aunts questions about teaching, I can do more researc, take more classes that have to deal with teaching, babysit and to try my best to get the teaching career I want.