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Family Edition - September 11, 2022

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Greetings LES Families,

It's been a great week at Laburnum. We are grateful to have our students back and ready to learn! Please continue reading for important updates and news!

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Important Dates

Laburnum School Calendar of Events


14 - Reading Virginia Growth Assessment 3rd, 4th, & 5th ONLY

15 - Principal Chat & Chew - 8:00 AM at Laburnum

20 - PTA General Meeting - Virtual - 6:00 PM

21 - Math Virginia Growth Assessment 3rd, 4th, 5th ONLY

22 - Back to School Night - more information to come at a later time.

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It is important that students attend school each day and arrive on time to ensure they are receiving all of their instruction. Please see below for important information regarding attendance.

Please make every effort to get your children to school on time. If your child is absent, please call the school to inform the secretary. Part of our school’s accreditation is tied to attendance percentages. If students have significant absences, we are required to inform our attendance social worker to follow up. Please refer to the flyer below for tips to ensure your child is at school on time each day. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  • School starts at 7:20 each day. Students are considered tardy if they arrive 7:40 or later.
  • Notify the school by calling the front office at (804) 228-2720 if your child will be absent from school.
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Henrico County Public Schools (HCPS) has no greater priority than the safety and wellness of our 48,000 students and 10,000 staff members. In addition to physical security measures on school campuses, HCPS is enhancing its web filtering system to help protect students when they are using their school issued devices online. A new feature of the service is an optional parent/guardian portal for families to review their students' internet activity on their HCPS-issued devices.

SECURLY’s parent and guardian portal is called SECURLY Home. SECURLY Home is accessible via both a smartphone app and a website. SECURLY Home provides parents and guardians information about their student’s internet activity on their HCPS device in real time or via a weekly summary sent to the email address listed in PowerSchool. It also allows families to set additional controls on the device while it is at home. For example, a parent or guardian can limit the hours the student’s HCPS device can access the internet when it is not on a HCPS network.

SECURLY also alerts school administrators to student internet searches involving bullying and other harmful behaviors. This information is provided only to school administrators and school counselors who are in a position to work with families to assist students.

What is next?

Parents and guardians who are authorized contacts for students will receive a welcome email directly from SECURLY on Tuesday, September 13th. This email will be unique for each parent/guardian for their student(s) and will contain directions on getting started and accessing SECURLY Home. Additional information on SECURLY can be found on the HCPS website under “Online Services'' near the bottom of the page and on SECURLY’s parent website.

For questions, please contact

Counselor Corner

Greetings Laburnum Families,

The School Counseling Department is excited about the 2022-2023 academic year. We would like to welcome all of you to another exciting year of learning at Laburnum Elementary School. Following in line with this year’s theme, “Learning is a Journey”, we are dedicated to supporting students' academic achievement, career exploration, and social/emotional development as we navigate through this journey.

We will be providing classroom lessons once a week and group/individual sessions as needed. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to assist your student. Our emails are and and the school phone number is 804-228-2720. We look forward to working with you and your family!

-Travon Robinson and Paige Sloan

Student Dress Code

Dress Code

Please review the dress code expectations below. Some of our students have been arriving at school in clothing that does not align with the Student Code of Conduct. Students are not permitted to wear clothing that reveals their midriff. Students must wear closed toe shoes to school each day. Slides and slippers are not acceptable wear for school. If a student arrives in clothing that is not appropriate for school, a parent will be called to bring a change of clothing. If a parent cannot be reached the student will be provided with an appropriate change of clothing.

Students may not wear the following items unless otherwise stated:

  • Hoods (on heads), hats, or face masks (that covers more than the mouth and nose) inside school buildings, during regular school hours, unless required for religious or medical reasons.

  • Sunglasses (worn indoors), unless prescribed by a physician.
  • Clothing must reach the tip of the thumb when hands placed at the sides (arms straight with palms flat).
  • Messages on clothing, chains, jewelry, and personal belongings that pertain to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, gangs, vulgarity, or messages that negatively represent a religion, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, transgender status, or people, or that could cause a substantial disruption to the learning environment.
  • Spiked jewelry, chains, and items which could cause student injury. • Beachwear (which includes bathing suits and trunks) and sleepwear.
  • Clothing that reveals undergarments.
  • Cut-off jeans, cut-off sweatpants, or torn, ripped, or slashed clothing that reveals undergarments or body parts excluded by other parts of this code.
  • Clothing that is see-through, revealing the midriff (while sitting or standing), or resembles undergarments. • Bedroom slippers or shoes with wheels, also known as “Heelys.”

You can read further details in the Student Code of Conduct pg. 8.

Behavioral Expectations

Behavioral Expectations

We have had a great week at Laburnum!! Our students and staff have been working hard to build relationships and establish routines. Students have been learning about our R.O.A.R. expectations. Please review those expectations below so that you can help us build consistency between home and school by using the same language we use at school.

R - Ready to Learn

O - Own Your Behavior

A - Always Safe

R - Ready to Learn

Cell Phones & Smart Watches

If your student has your permission to have a cell phone, please remind him/her that it must remain off and kept in their backpack at all times. This includes on the bus as well. If your student has his/her device out during the school day, they will receive a reminder of the expectations and parent contact will be made for the first occurrence. If it occurs again, the phone will be given to an administrator and an adult will be required to pick up the cell phone from the main office.

Additionally, if your child has a Smart Watch with texting or cellular capabilities, that feature must be turned off during the school day. Students are not allowed to text or make phone calls at school.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to minimize unnecessary distractions during the school day.

Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct, pg. 9, for additional information.

Message from the Librarian

Hello Laburnum Family,

Each week your child will be visiting our library. During library lessons each week, I will work to introduce our LES students to outstanding children’s literature and to help nurture within them a love of books and an eagerness to read! I will teach them library skills, as well as supporting the class curriculum.

Each student is allowed to have up to three Laburnum library books at one time. Please help your child remember to bring LES library books to school on their library day so that he/she can select other books to check-out and enjoy. Of course, if students would like to keep a book longer than a week, they will have the option to renew it instead of selecting a new book in its place.

I look forward to working with all of our LES students and families this year! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. You can also find library information on our Virtual Library Website. To find our site, visit the Laburnum School Website and click on the word “Library” in the very top menu of the home page.


Ms. Headley, School Librarian

Ms. Laws, Library Assistant

Message from Title 1

Learn more about Title I by clicking here:

SOL Opt Out Information

On December 10, 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA) was signed into law. In

October 2017, part of Section 1112(e)(2) of ESSA states that parents of students in Title I schools have a right to request state or division policies regarding student participation in any

assessments mandated by ESSA, including any policy, procedure, or parental right to opt students out of such assessments was updated.

If you have questions about this topic, you can contact the Henrico Public Schools Testing Specialist, Angela Bell, at (804) 652-3367 or

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Student Devices

Chromebook & iPad distribution started this past week. Only students who have a completed tech form will receive a device. You can complete this form by using the link below.

Directions for Completing ECollect Forms

There is a $50.00 replacement fee for damaged devices. All devices will be kept at school.


Students will continue to use Clever to access all of the HCPS digital resources such as Dreambox, Lexia, and Epic. View the link below for directions to access Clever. Please reach out to the classroom teacher for your child's username and password.

Access Clever at Home

E-Collect Online Forms & PowerSchool Parent Portal

It is time to complete the Back-to-School online forms! Completing this information before the start of school ensures that we have accurate information on file for your student. You can access all online forms through the Parent Portal on Power School.

If you have not already registered in PowerSchool, please do so prior to the start of school. You will need your child's 11-digit student ID number. This number is located on your child's report card. If you are unable to locate the number, please stop by the school to receive it. We do not give this information out via email or phone.

HCPS Online Services & Resources link - Click here for links to PowerSchool Parent Portal and other online resources.

See directions below for signing up for Parent Portal.

Directions for completing ECollect Forms


We are always seeking volunteers at Laburnum. If you are interested in volunteering, being a room parent, or attending a field trip with your child, you must complete a volunteer application. The application is completed annually. Use the link below to complete your volunteer application.

Hassle Free Fundraisers

Check out some hassle free fundraiser opportunities that will give back to Laburnum.

FlipGive PTA Fundraiser

FlipGive is an easy-to-use cashback app designed to help parents support our school by shopping for things you're already buying from all of your favorite brands. Download FlipGive app from your app store and use join code: BMQB4F to start saving and giving back to Laburnum! See flyer below for more information.

Amazon Smile

AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support Laburnum every time you shop, at no cost to you. AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to Laburnum every time you shop. To shop at AmazonSmile, simply go to on your web browser or activate AmazonSmile on your Amazon Shopping app on your iOS or Android phone (found under settings on your app).

Click on this link for more information on how to setup your account:

Kroger Community Rewards

The Laburnum PTA part of the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Help us raise funds for our school and children by linking your Kroger rewards card to the Laburnum PTA. Go to to link your rewards card to the Laburnum Elementary PTA.

PTA Corner

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Visit the NEW PTA website!!

Join the PTA

Don't forget to join our wonderful PTA! The cost is only $7.00 if paying cash. If you pay online, there is a .50 cent processing fee. Select the appropriate membership link below or stop by the school.

Parent/Guardian Link

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Business Link

Community Link

PTA Goals

  1. To welcome, support, and include every family, teacher and staff member in open communication.
  2. To motivate and prepare volunteers.
  3. To supplement school resources.
  4. To build community and relationships.
  5. To educate and engage while having fun building our community

Laburnum Elementary School

Vision: Every student will demonstrate grade level mastery of the standards in math, reading, and science.