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Look What's Happening at Slater's Media Center


February is full of exciting activities and events. Read on to learn more about what's happening at Slater.
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AR Minions

Check out our new AR board in the media center. We will feature all students that meet the goal of earning a minimum of 5 points a month on the board. We also have a new AR Points Club board located in the windows of the computer lab. Students names are featured as they earn enough points to move to new clubs. Let's see if we can get the first student in Slater history to earn 100 points in AR this school year.

The minion invasion has made its way down the 3rd grade hall! Thank you teachers for encouraging your students to take AR test and get a 100! A very special shout out goes to Mrs. Clark and Ms. Dobb's classes for having the most minions on the wall! I would also like to acknowledge the hard work of the Kindergarten team. We have the most participation in AR EVER from kindergarten this year! KUDOS!

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Let's Collaborate!

Teachers, I am here to assist you in anyway I can. Be sure to let me know what resources you may need to support your lessons and units. Also feel free to send me an invite to attend your grade level meetings so we can collaborate to build webquests and develop technological means for students to present information they are learning in class.

Let's Collaborate!!