Boy Overboard

By Morris Gleitzman

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Why must Jamal, Bibi and their parents flee Afghanistan? How do they manage to escape?

They must flee Afghanistan because the government discovered that Jamal and Bibi's mother was teaching at an illegal school.
Before their mother was about to be executed, their father rescues her in his taxi and the family begins by driving across the border.
They sell their taxi to get onto an uncomfortable truck and persist through the journey.
The truck then takes the family to a refugee camp, where they are forced to sell their precious family heirloom to be able to afford to get onto the boat.
Before getting on the boat, Jamal and Bibi get separated from their parents and end up alone on a different boat where they meet Radisha and Omar, who help them.
The boat finally lands in Christmas island, and Jamal and Bibi get happily re-united with their parents.

Why do you think morris gleitzman uses humour and naivety to tell the story?

Morris Gleitzman used humour and naivety when he wrote:

3.''I'll send Yusuf's grandfather some Dolly Parton cassettes hidden in Australian landmines',

2.'There must be a match, the government must have given permission'

3.When Jamal decided to try an show his soccer skills to the government.

I think that Morris Gleitzman uses humour to tell the story because as it is from a child's perspective, they might have not fully understood what was happening and how bad it really was.

The story ends with the family reuniting but we don’t actually know what happens to them. What do you think should happen to Jamal’s family and other families like them?

I think that Jamal's family and other families like them should be able to live a normal life on christmas island without any danger because it is the best option, considering that the Australian government does not allow refugees land in Australia.