Cellphones: Positive or Negative?

Cyberbullying associated with the use of cellphones, but..

The use of cell phones in the classroom isn't something teachers usually will agree with. They fail to recognize all the useful things the smart phone has to offer for the teachers and students.
That is just one example of how effective and efficient cellphones can be for not only students but teachers as well. They were able to communicate in class very easily which also allowed the teacher to be doing other tasks while students were starting the class discussion.

Ways cellphones can be used properly for school:

-to quickly look up facts

-assist with any questions students have

-easy and instant research

-learning/studying apps

-pictures of things you do in class

-record a class discussion


Teachers see more of the negatives that they think will happen if cellphones are brought to their classroom. Most would agree more with this video.
No Cell Phones in School
This video is what most teachers think will happen in classes if cellphones can be out. The students mention that they are told to use their I-Pads for learning but they cant have their cellphones, which are smaller and more portable, do to the same tasks.

I think this issue relates well with the orange personality because its all about freedom, being adventurous and exploring new things which is what these students want with the cell phone in the classroom.

In conclusions..

A high percentage of kids are already bringing their phones to school. Teachers should be acknowledging this technology and be the positive change in helping students to be able to use them properly in the classroom as well.