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October 2020 Edition

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To the AHS Community

This newsletter is published as a means to keep our AHS Cambridge community of parents, students, and faculty connected. Please scroll to the bottom to see all the wonderful happenings in the Cambridge program at Aiken High School.

Learn More about the Cambridge Program and how to Earn the AICE Diploma

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This video features:

  • General Information about Cambridge

  • Current and Future AICE Course Offerings

  • Cambridge AICE Exams

  • Earning the AICE Diploma

  • College Recognition Information and Website

Cambridge AICE Program at AHS
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Student spotlight

A look inside Our cambridge classrooms

See the innovative and engaging lessons our Cambridge students and teachers are experiencing!

AICE Biology, AS Level - Mrs. Keklak

Mrs. Keklak's AICE Biology, AS Level Course is studying cell structures. Students made cell structures from a gel substance and used their innovative skills to add items that represent organelles within the cells.
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Mrs. Keklak's IGCSE Biology students depicted lab safety rules using posters.
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AICE Environmental Management - Mrs. McCurdy

Mrs. McCurdy's class mapped ecosystems and studied their characteristics. Students took soil samples and tested them to determine what type of dirt existed within their mapped ecosystems.
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Mrs. McCurdy's class estimated a population of beans. On the first day students completed the mark and recapture method. These pictures use a quadrant method to estimate. Students compared the results of the two methods to see which was more accurate and used analysis and reasoning to defend their answers.

IGCSE English 2: Literature in English

A note from Mrs. McGee!

Mrs. McGee's students started book club assignments - they're setting their own reading schedule and pace, and will be leading their own discussions. These books are all related to various identities and struggles, so students can empathize and recognize various individuals "Identity Circles" and how that affects the way they react and respond to certain situations. Students will be completing a creative project where they have choice in selecting the type of assignment they would like to complete that totals up to a certain percentage of points.

Class Quilt

IGCSE English II classes read Everyday Use by Alice Walker which is about women of various generations and the quilts that symbolize their family traditions. Students put a class quilt together to represent their personal values and things that were important to them.
We read everyday use by Alice Walker and its about quilts, family traditions, and sentimental values. Students put a class quilt together to represent their family values and things that were representative of them.

A Note from Mrs. Long and Mrs. McMillian!

IGCSE English 2 classes are currently reading short stories and will move on to their first novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, in mid-October. We encourage you to purchase your own copy of the book for annotation purposes; school copies will also be available.

All materials for our classes are posted on Schoology, including helpful resources on literary elements, grammar, and writing. If you need a copy of the class weekly agenda or the teacher's lesson plans, you can access them through the school website:

Mrs. Long: https://www.acpsd.net/Domain/7114

Mrs. McMillian: https://www.acpsd.net/Domain/2128

Our office hours are the same: Fridays from 8:30am-9:45am. Email is the best way to contact us.

Mrs. Long: rbrock2@acpsd.net

Mrs. McMillian: kmcmillian@acpsd.net

Cambridge Outlook Magazine

Check out the magazine for Cambridge Schools. This magazines helps to connect the Cambridge community.


learn about earning the AICE Diploma :

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Students need seven credits to earn a Cambridge AICE Diploma.

Four Required Courses:

  • 1 Credit from Core: Global Perspectives & Research
  • 1 credit from Group 1: Science and Math
  • 1 credit from Group 2: Languages
  • 1 Credit from Group 3: Arts and Humanities

Three Additional Choice Courses:

Courses may be taken in any group, with exception of only two courses in Group 4: Interdisciplinary Skills.

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The Cambridge AICE Diploma is awarded on a points system, so each grade is converted to a number of points. Students may calculate the total number of points for all seven course grades to determine the AICE Diploma award type.

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A planning sheet to help students map out their coursework and track points towards the AICE Diploma. Please note AS Environmental Management is in Group 1 and Group 3 but can only count in one group towards the AICE Diploma.


Learn about various ways to get involved with the Cambridge Program at AHS.

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Teacher Information

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On this page, you will find a range of support and guidance resources to help you identify your learners’ progress, address gaps in their knowledge and provide evidence of their learning.

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Welcome to Cambridge International:

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Welcome to Cambridge
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Visit the website to learn about various Cambridge levels and qualifications including top reasons to choose Cambridge.

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Thanks to the AHS Cambridge Teachers who contributed to this month's newsletter. If you would like your class to be featured, want to recommend a student, or have something to contribute to the newsletter, please contact Lauren Cantey, the Cambridge Lead Teacher at lcantey@acpsd.net

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