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Week of February 16, 2016

Thomas D. Gregg 2015-2016 Goals

ISTEP ELA: 60.00%

ISTEP Math: 60.00%

IREAD 3: 61.00%

Attendance: 96%

OSS: - 20%

BE THERE! Dates and Times to put in the Calendar

Workday- 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Supervision Spots by 8:35(am) and 3:40 (pm)

Feb. 16 - 3-6 Field Trip to Symphony 9:30

Feb. 17- STAFF MEETING mandatory for CERTIFIED staff (ISTEP training)

Feb. 19- Due Date for TDG's Black History Art and Essay Contest (full participation required)

Feb. 18- 3-6 Sock Hop Celebration for SRI

Feb. 19- K-2 Sock Hop Celebration for DIBELS

Feb. 5-20 - Grades 1-6 WIDA

Feb. 25- AM: 1st Semester Award Ceremony All Students 9:30-10:30

Feb. 25- PM: Black History Program All Students 2:00-3:00

Feb. 26- ISTEP Pep Rally 2:00-3:00

Feb. 29 - March 11 - ISTEP+ Testing Part 1

March 14 - 18 - IREAD 3

Apr. 18 - May 6 - ISTEP+ Testing Part 2

If you have any dates or events that you would like to include on the Bulldog News please send them to Mr. Pippin.

IN THE KNOW! Information to Plan By....

3-6 Sock Hop will be Thursday, February 18th from 2:15-3:15. This Sock Hop is to celebrate SRI achievement and growth. Students who are on grade level or students who have grown at least 75 points from BOY are invited to attend. Details to follow.

K-2 Sock Hop will be Friday, February 19th from 2:15-3:15. This Sock Hop is to celebrate DIBELS achievement and growth. Ms. Stockton has sent a list of students who are invited to attend. Please decide amongst your grade level which teacher will be in charge of the holding room for students who are not attending.

Students are not to be placed in the hallway as a means of discipline. Students in the hallway are without supervision and this is not allowed. As outlined in the staff book, please follow the House Behavior Plan and utilize buddy rooms. If a student needs to be sent to Ms. Jenkins, the teacher must complete a transmittal form.

ISTEP+ Practice: Have students practice with the ISTEP+ practice test during the school day. Download the practice assessment at http://download.testnav.com

ISTEP+ Support Plans should be in full swing again this week. There are 9 instructional days left before ISTEP+ Part 1. Please make sure we are covering the material outlines by the district. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Scores from last week should be submitted to either Ms. Jackson or Mrs. Carlisle no later than EOD on Tuesday.

PIVOT Groups continue this week. The focus this week will be Student Engagement. Copies of the PIVOT form will be placed in your classroom . I hope you are seeing some great things happening at your school. Remember to turn in your completed PIVOT forms to Ms. McCutcheon.

PLC focus this week: Reading Data focus-- Moving student levels on data wall. RTI concerns and for the good of the order items.

RTI: When submitting students for RTI, be sure that you have collected a variety of data that represents the student. Using one data point will not give enough information to correlate the student's present level of functioning.

Grades: If a student in your classroom is failing in all grades, then his/her independent work should reflect that. Participation should not weigh so heavily that a student can still fail with passing work. One student this week received F's in areas but scored A's on his quizzes and tests. This is difficult to explain to parents when questioned.

Hallway Expectations: Teachers need to make sure students are following expectations. If your class is not meeting expectations prior to leaving the classroom, they will not change their behavior in the hallway. As testing season approaches, we need to revisit these expectations and enforce these rules.

Dress Code: Please do your best to make sure you are encouraging students to wear dress code clothing.

Dismissal: Students should not be in the hallway during dismissal unattended. This afternoon, I saw students pushing and shoving and hitting each other. There were no adults to be seen. Please make sure you're attending to students.

WIDA Testing: Kindergarten is complete. Remaining grades will test from February 8th-19th.

Continue to focus on the components of gradual release in your lessons, particularly on the focus of your lesson. What do you want them to learn? How do you model this for students? How do you allow them to practice what you are teaching? How do you know they are getting it??
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