March Literacy and Learning News


Nonfiction is so interesting!

March has come in like a lion and Winter is still with us! This is a great time to encourage your child to check out some new nonfiction books! Children always have questions about the world around them. They are so curious. As they get older, however, studies show a drop in students' curiosity and the accompanying questions. We can nurture our children's curiosity through nonfiction reading.

When reading nonfiction children are also learning new vocabulary and building their knowledge of the world. Both of these things will support their learning in school as they get older.

Well, what types of nonfiction should we encourage students to read? There are books written about every topic kids could imagine: sports - players and how to improve your game, crafts, cooking, insects and animals, trains, planes, and automobiles, famous and interesting people, and more. Children could read about plants and gardens and plan what they might help you plant when Spring does arrive. They could also read about places to travel in Wisconsin and help plan a summer vacation, or read about places far away to marvel at how different they are from home.

Whatever topic they choose nonfiction reading is a great way to leave the monotony of Winter behind and develop their curiosity at the same time.

Murray Park's Schoolwide Title 1 Plan update and wrting

As a Schoolwide Title 1 program, we have goals to help support all of our students, teachers, and families. Each year we evaluate our goals as a school. How have we moved toward meeting our goals? Do the current goals represent the needs in our school, or should they be edited? We want to involve parents in the evaluation and reaffirmation of our goals. Please watch for details coming this Spring to be part of this process. We value your input.

Jill Puhlmann-Becker, Reading Specialist RASD