analog and digital signals

by Mia McGinnis

3 examples of analog technology

1. Electronic devices

2. A humans voice

3. Old radios

Explanation ~ all of these examples of analog technology match/go along with this category because the above examples have a continus wave.

3 examples of digital technology

1. Computers

2. CDs

3. DVDs

Explanation ~ the examples above of dightal technology match this category because they all have a discrete time signal. This means there is a series consisting a sequence of quantities.

3 Differences between analog and dightal signals

1. Analog is a continuous signal, and digital is based off of a sequence of time.

2. A analog signal is translated in electric pulses, and digital is translated by a binary format.

3. A analog signal veries in time, and a dightal signal is the transmission of data.

analog technology

digital technology

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This is a game boy analog technology, cost 50.95
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This is a Xbox one, dighital technology cost $499.99

which technology I would choose

I would pick digital technology because I feel its easier to use. I say this because its easier for it to be stored. Also because its used on a computer and is translated in ones and zeros which is easier for us to read and understand.