Washington D.C. Trip

By: Dominic Haid, Dylan Pompeo, and Zack Tobey

Introduction to Our Trip:

Our trip to Washington D.C. will consist of 5 different stops, including 7 different sites. These 7 sites include, the White House, the Capitol Building, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court, the Arlington National Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial & Reflecting Pool, and the World Bank. These 7 sites will relate to the curriculum the students have been learning, and will let them have fun, and relate and learn at the same time.

The White House

This iconic building has served through lots ever since it was built and occupied in 1792. Only 43 of the 44 presidents have actually lived in this house. Whenever something needs immediate attention, the President will make an announcement to the country, as Obama did when our military had killed Osama Bin Laden. If we did not have this building, our military and government would have no orders from our leader

Capitol Building

This building has so much history behind it, During 1861-1865, the Capitol Building was named the nation's government building. The Capitol Building is a focal point of our government's legislative branch, and is a centerpiece for Capitol Hill and the National Mall. A large amount of laws have been passed here. Moreover, many laws have been proposed, but have been rejected. This treasure of a monument helps the people of the U.S. stay in line because of all of the laws and rules passed here.

The Pentagon

The Pentagon is our nation's central line for defense and security on our own land. They are also in charge of the offensive side as well. This building has been, and is a huge part in our government and country. For the past 72 years this building has been used for our nation's military and arms strategies. Without this building, our nation would not be able to be as strong it is now.
Deconstructing History The Pentagon Worlds Largest Low Rise Military Complex!!

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the highest federal court in our government. It handles the biggest cases including the infringement of federal law. The Supreme Court is the final interpreter for a constitutional law. But, it may only act on a case within it's jurisdiction. The court consists of the Chief Justice of the United States, and eight other associated judges, nominated by the President and accepted by Senate. This court is the center of law for our government and is very important to our country and government as one.

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery is our country's burial ground for our fallen war heroes, spanning from before the American Civil, to present day. This amazing land mark includes over 400,000 graves of fallen soldiers from the U.S. and eleven other countries. This landmark also includes the famous, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This tomb has been a huge part of our country's history for years. A trip to this location would as well help our students relate to the curriculum as they learn about fallen heroes and all of the World Wars and all proxy wars in between. This would help them realize all that is put in, and given up by others, for us today.

Lincoln Memorial & Reflecting Pool

The Lincoln Memorial was built in 1922, using the ancient style of Greek architecture, in honor of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was assassinated in Ford's Theater on April 14th 1865. Inside the actual memorial is a giant sculpture of Abe, as you can see on the right. The Reflecting Pool aspect of this stop, really has no significance, other than to add to the surrounding beauty of the National Mall, and to reflect on what has happened in our country ever since it was uniformed into one.

World Bank

The World Bank was founded in 1944 with the intentions of fighting poverty, and offer loans to developing countries in order to help improve their infrastructure and make the area safer and wealthier. The World Bank is a complex of buildings with very modern mainly concrete and glass exterior. In order to tour this stop an advanced reservation must be made.
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