Moscow, Russia

The greatest city of all time! Food, history and more!

Moscow's Munches

Your mouth will leap for joy with Moscow's unbelievable food, mouth-watering restaurants, and great markets full of taste! However, you should be careful. In markets called "renokes" fresh meat can be dangerous! A much better choice is their huge variety of fresh bread. So stop by for a taste! New restaurants open almost every day. They serve mouth-watering food, but they tend to be more expensive than they are in the United States. A good choice of food in Moscow is borscht. It is a very famous Russian beet soup. If you don't plan to eat it, you're missing out! so swing on by for an adventure into food you've never had before!

Clothing, art, and historic beauty!

Moscow's history goes far back with their culture and art. This historic city was built around the fortress Kremlin. Be sure to visit it! Moscow rose after the Mongols conqured many places in Russia. To find out more, take a trip! They also have a lot of culture. Their culture includes clothing. Men wear top coats, parkas, raincoats, boots,and hats. Women wear light coats, boots , and rain boots. These clothes protect them from the weather. Moscow is a great city to explore and shop in! Go have the adventure of your life in this wonderful city!
Below are some wonderful places in Moscow!

Sights and fun for everyone!

Are you a sports fan? In Moscow people play football (soccer), basketball, and hockey. Or, you could take a tour. Moscow is full to the brim with touring opportunities. One of these opportunities is the Kremlin, which holds the diamond fund that was a gift to Catherine the Great. If you want to see great architecture go to Gorkey's house. It has a twisting marble staircase that makes your staircase look bad by comparison. Just don't try to steal it! Tired of touring? Head on down to Gorkey's park. It includes roller-coasters. It is a great amusement park with many surprises. I hope you have fun touring and entertaining yourself in these wonderful places!

(Gorkey's house shown to the right!)

Lost? Not for Long!

Do you get lost easily? Moscow's many landmarks will help you find your way! The city was made around the fortress Kremlin. Find it and then you will probably be able to find your way around. The bell tower of Ivan the Great is also a good landmark if you are staying near there. If you are lost by night, you can't miss Red Square. It is lit up with a beautiful red lighting system. Use it for directions. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior was built after the Russian defeat of Napolean in the 19th century. Visit it by day, then use it as a landmark by night. These landmarks are very good places to visit, so if you have the time you should stop by!

Moscow's Vocabulary

You may have language problems, but you will be okay. People in Moscow speak Russian. Getting a Russian-English translation book might help you get around. Russian is also the second language of many places in the former Soviet Union. So, if you are traveling to some of those places also, you will really need that translation book! In some cases you may actually be able to understand some of their words. The Russian language borrowed some words from Western Europe. So, If you are from Europe, you may understand some words. The Russian language is very beautiful. For example, in the liturgy of the Russian Orthodox Church, the words are chanted, not spoken. This makes the language beautiful. You may need a Russian translation book, but you should be okay because some people speak English as well as Russian!

Warm, Cold, Sunny, or Cloudy

When deciding the best time of the year to go, look over this helpful information on the weather/climate. Moscow's climate can be dangerous! It can be hot or very, very cold. Pack the right clothing. Snow covers the ground for five months of the year.These are the cold parts of the year. In winter the temperature can be as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit! However, if you are going during the summer, temperatures can be as high as 95 degrees! Now thats hot! I hope this information helps!

The map below shows Moscow location

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