Character Texturing & Rendering

by Kimberly Hilliker

Base Mesh Renders

Example Playblast

Base Model Playblast

Playblast Rational

The main things I wanted to highlight were the face and the pants, specifically the textures on both. I had an idea that the character I was making was a sort of elf from Santas work shop with a more horror-like feeling. The lack of eye brows are on purpose to give an even more unsettling vibe.

Colour Swatches

Big image

Colour Rational

I wanted to go with a christmas theme since it's that time of year, I picked more reds than greens because I wanted to go with a darker theme where the greens are the highlights and the reds are the low lights. I think it helps set the mood very nicely.

Lighting Style Examples

Textured Examples

Final Render

Girl Render


My biggest challenge was working with different types of substances I hadn't worked with before. A friend recommended i use Maya Fast Skin so I tried it. It looked really good in my viewport but when I went to render, the base colours were gone and the height map remained. I played with it for hours before going back into my comfort zone with Blinns. It gave me the effects I was looking for in the end.

Next time I might model some more features on the character, something more to look at, maybe a hat or a scarf.