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" Every day is a GREAT day to be a Bomber!" ~ Jeff Stanley

Looking Forward to 2019

The students and staff are excited to close out 2018 and look ahead to another promising year. During the last week of school, we had many activities take place such as: door wars, caroling, the Cookies and Cocoa family event, the Polar Express, guest readers at KT, and holiday parties.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. Take this time to enjoy family and friends and to relax! School will resume on Monday, January 7. We look forward to seeing our students in the new year. Happy New Year!


November's Focus: INTEGRITY

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the district is focusing on various components of our Positive Behavior Intervention and Support System (PBIS) each month. The word PRIDE represents Windham with each letter standing for a different piece of the district's mission:

P: Prepared

R: Respect

I: Integrity

D: Demonstrate Safety

E: Excellence

The month of November focused on INTEGRITY. Teachers nominated and recognized students who showed qualities of integrity such as being honest. Classroom discussions were centered on what integrity looks like not only in school but in the community and work place.

Congratulations to our students! Keep showing off your Bomber PRIDE everywhere you go!


37 Years of Dedication

Congratulations to Assistant to the Treasurer, Gloria Riggs, who is officially retiring at the end of December. She has worked in Windham for 37 years and has made a lasting impact on the district. We wish you the best of luck! Enjoy retirement! You will always be a part of our Windham Family.


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JR/ SR High School Food Pantry

Below is a feature article on the newly formed food pantry at the JR/SR High School. It has been an amazing project involving many helping hands.

Multiple people have inquired about monetary and food donations. If you would like to donate to the pantry, you can drop off any items, during school hours, to the board office. If you would like to mail a monetary donation, you can mail it to the school with the attention to Laura Amero.

The school's facebook page will be regularly updated about items that are in the most need. For January, we are asking for: Cereal, SpaghettiOs, Chef Boyardee, and shampoo/conditioner.

Thank you to everyone for all of the inquiries and offers to help. This will be an ongoing project so that we can continue to help support our Windham students and families.


WBKT News!

Each month the district will feature an educator who has displayed excellent use of technology to enhance student learning. This month, we have chosen to spotlight Elissa Ebbert who is currently in her 2nd year at Katherine Thomas Elementary, serving as the 3rd grade ELA teacher. Miss Ebbert has a passion for integrating technology to improve her instructional practices and increase student achievement. Most recently, she has begun exploring the use of Green Screen technology. In December, third graders published their first news production and the project became an instant hit! This production was the first of many to come, as plans are in the making for the program to become a yearlong endeavor. One of the district’s goals is to create student-centered learning environments that assist in honing communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills which will help students prepare for college, as well as future employment. Miss Ebbert is an emerging technology leader in the district and we look forward to enjoying future projects from her classrooms and the classrooms she inspires!


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Newly Inducted Hall of Fame Members

Two individuals were inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame this month for their contributions to Windham Athletics. Baxter Jones was inducted for his amazing career on the basketball court. His nephew, Carlos Jones, received the award on his behalf. Mr. Jones passed away on January 20, 2018. He will always be remembered for his athletic legacy and his positive personality. The second inductee was honorary member Kathy Gutherie who has worked at Windham for 43 years. She has spent countless hours volunteering her time to the athletic programs and has never said “no” when it comes to the Bombers. Congratulations to both Baxter Jones and Kathy Gutherie, and thank you for your dedication to Windham.


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Parent Portal

Each edition of the Bulletin will provide parents and guardians with family events and/or resources. We hope you find this section helpful. If you would like to see certain topics covered, please email Laura Amero at


Surgeon General Advisory: Vaping Epidemic

Even though vaping was covered in an earlier edition of the Bulletin, it is necessary to revisit this topic since new research has been released. In the article below, you will read that the Surgeon General has released an advisory-calling E-Cigarette usage amongst teens an epidemic. This trend continues to grow, and it is happening in schools! There are many misconceptions among teens about vaping. They believe it doesn't contain nicotine, which is incorrect. It is has been found that smoking one Juul pod is the same as smoking an entire pack of cigarettes.

We have had multiple instances with Juuls being brought into our building and being used in our facilities. We have created an E-Cigarette curriculum for students who are caught with Juuls in an effort to educate them about the destructiveness of smoking E- Cigarettes. The health classrooms are going much more in depth about E-Cigarette smoking as well.

Please talk to your child about the dangers of smoking E-Cigarettes. There are detrimental health effects on anyone who smokes cigarettes or E-Cigarettes. We want to deter students from these behaviors in order to help them stay healthy.


Important Dates & Information

JR/SR High School Official School Day: 7:35 AM-2:45 PM

*Breakfast is served at 7:20-7:32 AM

KT Elementary Official School Day: 8:30 AM-3:30 PM

*Breakfast is served from 8:15-8:30 AM

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