Attention Parents

Is bullying affecting your child?

Bullying: The Sad Truth

Bullying is a problem that every child faces at some time or another. Whether a child is being bullied or is the bullier, you should be aware of what the signs are that may help you identify if there is a problem. There are 10 signs of bullying that can help you identify if there is a problem:
1. Unexplained injuries
2. Changes in appetite
3. Frequent "sick days"
4. Missing personal items

5. Suffering grades

6. Self-harm

7. Isolation

8. Avoidance

9. Loss of Sleep

10. Exclusion from social activities

If you notice these signs in your child, it may be necessary to sit down and talk with them about what is going on and what ways you can fix this problem.

Cyber Bullying: The Loud Silence

Cyber bullying has been a huge problem that has risen in activity over the past five years. With advances in technology, children are now using computers, cell phones, and other types of technology as a form of indirect bullying. Social media such as facebook and twitter have been major contributors to the increase in cyber bullying.

This form of bullying allows for the bullier to target its victims without face to face interaction. This is more commonly used now because it is a type of bullying that does not require the bullier to see how their actions are affecting the person they are bullying. Although the bullying may not be easily detected over the internet it is still there. You see adolescents posting pictures and comments about one another that are intentionally demeaning to another child.

Make sure you are aware of what your child is doing on the computer or their cell phone is order to solve this problem. Even if your child is not a participant in cyber bullying it is important to talk to them about it anyway. The main way to prevent cyber bullying is to make children aware of the affects their actions can have on other children and allow them to understand that cyber bullying is wrong.

Cyber Bullying Virus


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