Roby Platt


DAY 1, you have just arrived to tampa international aport and you are starving.

Bahamian Food Yummy Extravaganza

Tuesday, May 14th, 1:45pm

3045 N Rocky Point Drive East

Tampa, FL

You will enjoy views of the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps you might see a Reggae singer and people catching fish!

Check in at the westin resort

a fun resort on the beach.

In the room

enjoy the cunfurt of a westin room.

Good morning!

Day 2

We hoped you enjoyed your wonderful night at the Weston . Today we will check out the Tampa aquarium and then we will travel to another part of Florida .

Wonderful ocean worlds

Welcome. Hear we will explore florida's. native fish like the red snapper and sopped gobi.

Lets go for a ride.

It's time to take a 5hour car ride to one of florida's most wonderful beaches. Wile we drive we will look for these wildlife posted below.


palm trees, oak ,white fern ,little shrub and more

Welcome to south beach

South Beach

Day 3

Toaday we will go to the beach and look for shells. then we will eat at a tradtainal latin reseraut of your choise. Finaly we will go to are hotel and rest for the south florida fair.

The South Florida fair

Day 4

Today we will go to the fair and go on some fun rides

To the keys

Day 5

We are on are way to the keys to go fishing for native florida fish.

we have just got here. tommorow we will wake up erly and go fishing.
Monster Permit Keys Bridge Fishing!

Fishing in The Keys

Day 6

This is what we will do today. If we get lucky we willcatch a fish

Good by

day 7

good moring .we hope you enjoyed your florida adventure

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